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Hägar the Horrible cartoonist Chris Browne has passed away

chris browne
Source: Comics Beat

An American cartoonist and artist Chris Browne passed away on 5th February. He was known for the famous comic strip “Hägar the Horrible”. Brown illustrated this King Features Syndicate comic strip was published from 1989 to 2023. He died at the age of 68. In this article, we’ll learn about her career and life; now, we’ll also check what people says on social media about the death of their favourite cartoonist, stay tuned.

Know more about Chris Browne

Chris K. Brown was born in South Orange on 16, 1952. Suburban Wilton, Connecticut was the place where he grew up. He grew up in the family of cartoonists, his father, Dik Browne and his brother were also cartoonists by profession.

chris browne

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Initially he assisted his father on the comic strip Like Lois and Hagar and Hi, and eventually, she took whole artistic responsbility of Hagar in 1989. Due to his unique style, he makes Hagar one of America’s most popular comic strips.

Chris Browne: What happend to him

Long-term illnesses lead to Chris’s death. After news of his death broke out in Sioux Falls, SD., people and his fans started tributing their beloved cartoonist. All of his fans all over the world expressing their sorrow and grief to Chris Brown.

The National Cartoonists Society remembered him as a valuable member and shared a dediacate post on their Facebook Page :

“We are sad to announce the passing of one of our longtime valued members of the NCS community, Chris Browne. Hagar had only just celebrated his 50th anniversary the day before”

chris browne


His brother also wrote in the Facebook page about thier family histroy and remembered his brother:

“With much sadness, I am here to announce, my brother Christopher Browne passed away peacefully in Sioux Falls, SD after a long-term illness. After our father passed away, he was the face of our family’s cartoon strip Hagar the Horrible. Besides drawing Hagar, Chris drew and illustrated children’s books. He always had a sketchbook in hand and loved to draw for people. He will be very much missed by his family and friends as well as his fans throughout the world. We will miss his talent and his gentle and kind soul.”

Social Media tributes to Chris Browne

Guy Gilchrist

Oh, Chris. Christopher. Not you. Gone. Forever? No, no, no.
Chris Browne and I grew up together because we were both among the “kids of the National Cartoonists Society” with Greg, Brian, Neal Walker, and Chris’ brother, Chance.

I am beyond sad. There isn’t a word for the way that I feel right now. Maybe I could paint the way that I feel. Maybe you already have, Chris. I don’t know. I will miss you from a part of my heart that has been reserved specifically for the kids at that table. I didn’t know I had that place in me. I can’t believe that you went first. I love you. Smile, brother.

Chris, The world was gentler for your art, man/child visions, and ways. See you at the kid’s table. Give my love to your dad and Mort for me

Chip Sansom

I am so sad to learn this news. When my dad passed away, Chris called me to offer his condolences and any advice I might need about taking the reins from my father on The Born Loser. His words of encouragement meant so much coming from someone who I thought did an excellent job succeeding his dad. Thank you, Chris! RIP

Susan Boughner Whitmore Glaser

So sad to hear this. My late dad, Howard Boughner, was friends with his dad, Dik, and I well remember getting Christmas cards with Dik’s drawings of his entire family. Chris was from my generation, so his passing reminds me of my own mortality.

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