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Cade Watts, Son of former Football star Jason Watts, died

Cade Watts, Son of former Football star Jason Watts, died
Image Source: Medico topics

Cade Watts is the son of former NFL player Jason Watts.

Cade was 15 years old when he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a unique and aggressive cancer that impacts the bones or the soft tissue surrounding the bones. Unfortunately, he has passed away.

Cade Watts’s cause of death?

Cade Watts, the 15-year-old son of the former Werribee and Western Bulldogs star Jason Watts, has died of cancer after a long battle.

Cade was identified with Ewing’s Sarcoma in May 2021 and immediately began a nine-month intensive chemotherapy and radiation regimen. 

Cade was declared in remission after first-line chemotherapy. However, recent scans revealed that the metastatic tumors had returned after only five months.

Cade was back on a toxic chemotherapy regime, which his oncologist had made clear was palliative only and not a cure.

Cade Watts, Son of former Football star Jason Watts, died

Image Source: The Republic Monitor

Treatments the cade was having:

He has been receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments since his diagnosis in May 2021.

Although he was considered to be in remission after nine months of treatment, the cancer returned after only five months. 

Despite his challenges, Cade showed grace and determination, always maintaining a positive attitude.

His family has exhausted all of their savings during his battle with cancer, and they are seeking support to cover the costs of exploring different treatment options and giving Cade the best chance to fight the disease.

He has also undergone intensive chemotherapy and radiation for nine months and was considered to be in remission for a short time.

However, recent scans revealed that metastatic tumors had returned, and Cade was back on a toxic chemotherapy regime that was only palliative. 

All about the family of the cade:

Despite his family’s efforts, including Anita (his mum) dedicating herself to Cade’s care, Cade lost his battle with the disease.

The family has exhausted all their savings and is reaching out for help to find a way to give Cade the optimal ability to fight the disease. 

Cade showed grace, determination, and an extremely mature attitude for his age, never wavering in his positive outlook on life.

He was always happy to be alive and never complained about the treatments and procedures he had to undergo.

He had a favorite saying, “It is what it is!” which showed his strength and courage in facing adversity.

The Eastlake Demons Football Club announced the sad news on their official Facebook page, expressing their condolences to the Watts family.

Cade’s death resulted from his struggle with a rare and aggressive type of cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma.

This type of cancer is a rare occurrence affecting bones or soft tissue around bones, mostly found in the leg and pelvis.

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