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Blair Watts Arrested for the Murder of Ex-business Partner Jennifer Brown

Blair Watts Arrested for the Murder of Ex-business Partner Jennifer Brown
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Jennifer Brown’s body was found outside Philadelphia a month ago, Blair Watts, her former business partner, was arrested in connection with her murder.

Why was Blair Watts arrested?

Blair Watts’s ex-business partner Jennifer Brown died a month ago. Jennifer Brown went missing on January 4. Blair filed her missing report when she failed to pick up her 8- year old son from the bus. On January 18, police found her body buried 30 miles north of Philadelphia. Her dead body was partially buried in a shallow grave. 

After Jennifer Brown’s disappearance, the police started gathering all the evidence to find her as soon as possible. After the investigation, the police arrested Blair Watts. All the evidence indicated Blair Watts’s involvement in the murder of his ex-business partner. 

How did police prove Blair Watts’s role in the murder?

On January 3, Blair Watts received two bank transactions of $9000 and $8000. This $17000 was not part of the written deal between Blair Watts and Jennifer Brown. Both of them were collaborating on a restaurant. The restaurant’s name was Birdies Kitchen, which is due to open in January. Blair met the restaurant property owner the next day. According to the owner, Blair has the money for the lease now when he didn’t have the money a few days ago. 

Another reason to arrest Blair Watts is related to Jennifer Brown’s son. On January 3, Blair Watts picked up Jennifer Brown’s son from the bus stop. He told the 8-year-old that his mother had gone grocery shopping. The kid spent the night at Blair Watts’s house.

The following day, when Blair went to drop him off, he told the kid to stay in the car. After some time, Blair comes out of the house with Jennifer Brown’s cell phone. Jennifer’s son confirmed that it was his mother’s phone. The police stated that Jennifer’s phone was the only personal item they couldn’t get their hands on. 

The police also felt it strange that if Jennifer informed Blair to take his son home for the night, why did she not give him his medication.

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How did the police find Jennifer Brown’s body?

Later on, with the help of sniffer dogs, the police found two human traces in Blair Watts’s car. Tracing Jennifer and Blair’s cell phone locations, the police found Jennifer Brown’s body 30 miles north of Philadelphia. The autopsy reports proved Jennifer Brown’s cause of death as homicidal. The exact cause of death was not disclosed, but she has three broken ribs.