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A NYPD off-duty cop was fatally shot by Randy Jones

Randy Jones
Source: New York Post

On Tuesday a Harlem man was accused for fatally shooting off-duty NYPD police officer Adeed Fayaz. Now the man was charged with murder beacuse the police officer was declared dead at the hospital as said by authorities.

38-year-old Randy “Popper” Jones, allegedly shot the NYPD police officer in the head. The 26 year old father of two police officers was shot during a botched robbery incident in East New York on Saturday night. Fayaz and his brother-in-law went to purchase a Honda Pilot on Facebook Marketplace as said by police officials.

Randy Jones

Source: New York Post

They had cash of $24,000 at that time. Jones engaged both of them in talking and taking down a dark alley and suddenly opened the fire, striking Fayaz once in the place. Fayaz’s brother-in-law pulled the gun from Fayaz’s holster and fired against Jones, but Jones fled.

Jones contuined the fire until the police tracked him down to Rockland County hotel Monday. Later police found the vehicle – a BMW SUV regestered to Jones’ mother on 129th street and Park Avenue in Harlem on Sunday and seized the car for the legal process. While the detectives were examining the vehicle very keen to know more about the incident.

Police found Jones as the alleged shooter and he is now charged with murder and robbery. Wearing a white Tyvek suit, Jones was led out of the 75th precinct in front of so many police officers, in these police officers most of our 66th precinct where Fayaz served.

Randy Jones

Source: New York Post

The strange thing happened during this event; one woman shouted “we love you, Randy” to the accused murderer. In the reply Jones said “I love you too”. While another person in the crowd said “cop killer”

According to the police Jones also may did similar robbery nearby last month. Fayaz was deaclared dead at Brookdale hospital at 3:25 PM. Fayaz was working with NYPD for previous five years.

More than hundreds of police force, including Top officers, lined the streets outside the hospital when Fayaz’s body was taken to the city Medical Examiner’s Office. Patrick Lynch, Police Benevolent Association President said that Fayaz’s family was in the hospital when he was taken off life support.

Lynch said “It’s a difficult day. You see police officers standing shoulder to shoulder with tears in their eyes,” This was a police officer who loved his job. Since he was a young person, he wanted to become not just a police officer but a New York City police officer. He was viciously gunned down in the streets of Brooklyn.”

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