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Tyler Doyle, Where Are You? The Disappearance Of A Duck Hunter’s Brother, Who Went Missing After Falling Off A Boat, Has Sparked Widespread Speculation.

tyler doyle missing boater

Tyler Doyle, 23, went missing from his boat while duck hunting on January 26 near Loris, South Carolina. Reed Doyle, his brother, has advised his followers not to believe the rumours about his brother’s disappearance and offered an update on his hunt in South Carolina.

According to local ABC station WPDE, the North Myrtle Beach Rescue Squad chose to halt their search on Sunday, February 5. “It is with a sad heart that we are discontinuing the daily searches at this time,” a spokesman told The Sun. “Our personnel are worn out and need to return to their homes and careers.” On the other hand, Reed said the hunt for his brother would continue.

What did Reed Doyle Have to Say?

Reed begs the community for help in a tragic video he submitted to TikTok. “Tyler Doyle was my younger brother,” he said. “We’ve been out here searching for ten days. Everyone is looking, and we’re trying to figure it all out.” He also chose to address the rumours spreading online since Tyler’s disappearance. “Those out here who are keyboard warriors and want to speak s**t on Facebook or TikTok and just put things together as they see it, you know you’re not helping the cause,” he said.

He reminded his followers that the tragedy had a more significant impact on Tyler’s family and loved ones and revealed details individually, as he is intimately familiar with them. “The waves went up and out there rapidly, and the rear of the boat took on water,” Reed said. “Waves took over the rear of the boat, taking Tyler with them.” “I know the truth, and you may take it whatever you choose. My brother is not a villain, and he is not anything, even a criminal.

He encouraged his followers not to promote or pay heed to rumours since they had started to harm the Doyle family. Reed also thanked everyone who raised awareness about Tyler’s abduction, assisted in the hunt for the 23-year-old and “brought him home.” “I want to thank everyone who is assisting us with everything and for assisting us in continuing to hunt for him and return him home to his wife and niece.” According to online postings, the family thinks they have located some of Tyler’s things, including decoy ducks, his wallet with money, and a South Carolina driver’s licence.

Tyler Reed, Who are You?

Tyler Reed, a husband and a young father with a second kid on the way, has been missing since January 26. According to Fox News, Tyler went overboard in stormy water as a companion stood nearby on a pier along the Little River Coast. Tyler’s search has spanned various law enforcement, public safety agencies, and state boundaries by land, air, and water. “The waves took over the rear of the boat and took Tyler with them,” Reed stated in a TikTok video. “

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