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How did Jason Ballan die? Untimely Death of Jason Ballan of Allentown

How did Jason Ballan die? Untimely Death of Jason Ballan of Allentown
Image Source: Peace Perfection

A 37-year-old man, Jason Ballan, died on Monday, February 6, 2023, in Allentown. The family has not yet received any reports from the hospital.

Jason’s wife, son, and other family friends are very emotional.

Who was Jason Ballan?

Jason was a Pennsylvania citizen born in Allentown to his father, Youssef and his mother, Lucie (Yandem) Ballan. Jason graduated from Whitehall High School.

He lived with his wife Tara (Basta) Ballan, his son Luciano, his three brothers—James, Christopher, and Joshua—and his uncle Albert and his family.

Jason had a really warm and approachable personality. He was a lovely husband, father, brother, and friend of many people who now miss him terribly.

Jason was always very intensely interested in music and loved playing the guitar in front of his friends and close ones.

He had a great sense of humour, as people always enjoyed his little jokes. He was also always present to help when someone needed it.

Jason Ballan’s cause of death:

The main cause of Jason’s death is not yet known. But it is believed that Jason was suffering from a bad health condition due to a heart attack, which may have been the cause of his death. 

The autopsy report is yet to arrive, as the family has demanded some privacy till then, and they are also eagerly waiting to know the exact reason for the death of their family member.

Jason Ballan’s obituary:

Saying goodbye forever to a person like Jason Ballan seems impossible for his family and friends.

Though the person did not live for a long time, he left great memories that his loved ones will cherish for a very long time.

Jason’s memory will live on through all those whose lives he had such a profound impact on during his time with them. 

We extend our condolences to Jason’s family and friends during this difficult time.

May they get enough strength to overcome this extremely difficult time. The burial, in accordance with Christian customs, was completed this morning, February 8, 2023, at 10 a.m. A get-together has also been organised for the evening at St. John the Baptist Slovak Catholic Church.

The people close to Jason have also expressed their emotions on social media by posting his pictures and videos and sharing their memories and emotions with his family.

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