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A Washington player wins $754.6 million in the Powerball lottery | Check details

powerball jackpot
Source: MARCA

A Washington-based person has won the 5the largest Powerball jackpot and 9th largest lottery prize in US history. The amount of the lottery was $754.6 million. The winner who won the $754.6 million in this jackpot has not been publicly revealed yet.

According to the jackpot rule, the winner have the option to receive the prize money as a one-time payment of around $407.2 million in cash or take it annuity paid over 29 years. Powerball officials said that most winners choose to take the one-time fee.

powerball jackpot

Source: Etsy

The winner do not get the entire prize because the payout is subject to federal taxes, and it is reduced around one-third part. Apart from all of them many states further impose taxes on the lottery but Washington is an exception

The Monday’s drawing is the first time in 2023 that someone won the Powerball jackpot. This lottery is played in 45 states in United states along with the nation’s capital, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

The last ticket in Powerball was won on November 19th. Kansas won $92.9 million earlier. The Powerball jackpot had gone through 34 drawings, and 11 weeks were spent without any Powerball jackpot.

Just eight days earlier, on the 19th of November a Powerball ticket holder in California won the $2.04 billion jackpot. This amount is the largest in the term of lottery worldwide. Earlier only just four jackpots crossed the limit of $1 billion.

powerball jackpot

Source: Fox Business

Also the winner of the November Powerball jackpot was not declared publicly. The November prize was different from the $1.334 billion Mega Millions jackpot won in September. But this September jackpot also caught a significant media attention.

On Monday the lottery miss the jackpot by a close margin, and many Powerball players won many prizes. Three in New York and Two tickets in Michigan, all five white balls win $1 million. One Powerball ticket in Texas, with small extra fee for the Power Play option, matched all five white balls to win $@2 million.

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