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Retrial of Palm Springs quadruple murder case finds Jose Larin Garcia guilty

Palm Springs
Source: The Desert Sun

The jury found Jose Larin Garcia guilty of killing four people in Palm Springs four years ago. The jury is set to decide whether to sentence him to death. The jury decided after a long discussion and the result comes out after many years, of testimony and two trials because the first trial ended in a deadlock.

23 year old Larin Garica was finally convicted for four murders. He was found guilty for four first-degree murders for Feb. 3, 2019. The four victims are Jacob Montgomery, 19 years old; Carlos Campos Rivera, 25; Yuliana Garcia 17 years old, and Juan Duarte Raya 18 years old.

Palm Springs

Source: The Desert Sun

The jury members also discovered the different circumstance allegations of multiple murders including bodily injury allegations. On Mondy, the family members of the victims was standing in the courtroom.

At the time of decison Larin Garcia looked into the eyes of each juror when he was sentenced guilty. At this point the defence lawyer John Patrick Dolan is ready to appeal in higher authority.

Dolan said “I’m very disappointed, upset and I’m gonna go puke now,” He added that the jury reached this result very quickly. He added “Horrible verdict, the worst I’ve ever seen in 45 years of practice,” he said. “Jury came back in 30 minutes, never reviewed 1,000 exhibits, and didn’t have much discussion on four counts of murder.”

The defence attorney tried to prove that the another man was guilty in this case because police found another man during Palm Springs police investigation but later they didn’t find any attachment from this case.

Palm Springs

Source: KESQ

After the hearing Samantha Paixao, Prosecutor and Deputy District Attorney didn’t want to speak to news media. Still, the verdict given by the jury is a victory for the Victim’s parents. The parents spent four years and two trials to get justice for their loved ones.


Jose Larin Garcia is a Cathedral City man accused of killing Carlos Campos, Yuliana Garcia, Juan Duarte Raya, and Jacb Montgomery about four years ago.

On 3rd February 2019 the four victims were foudn shot and killed. One victim was found dead on the street on Canon Dr. few blocks away whiile the other three were found inside a car that crashed at Sunny Dunes and EI placer roads.

After the incident, police arrived at the spot and found the Larin Garica hiding under a truck, at that time, he was covered in the blood and looked intoxicated. At that time Larin Garcia was immodestly taken to Desert Regional Medical Center for treatment. That night he was running from the hospital according to CCTV footage.

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