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Lindsay Clancy murdered three of her own children in Massachusetts

Lindsay Clancy murdered three of her own children in Massachusetts
Image Source: People

Lindsay Clancy, mother herself, killed her children. She was not mentally okay and was taking pills for depression and anxiety.

What happened with Lindsay Clancy?

A 32-year-old Massachusetts mother, Lindsay Clancy, has been charged with murder after she allegedly killed two of her children.

According to her attorney, Kevin Reddington, she was “overmedicated” and was under the influence of 12 prescribing drugs at the time. 

She was taking the meds for anxiety, depressed mood, and panic attacks, which also caused her to have homicidal thoughts.

Reddington has hired a toxicologist and a mental health expert to build a strong defense case.

He claimed that the family was “on the path to hell” and they were “trying to help out” but “sadly will not be returning.”

Massachusetts Lindsay Clancy was charged with murder for allegedly strangling two of her children to death.

The victims were identified as Cora (5) and Dawson (3). Her 8-month-old son Callan was also injured in the incident and later passed away at the hospital.

Clancy’s attorney, Kevin Reddington, recently made a significant revelation that Clancy was taking 12 prescription drugs at the time of the incident.

What did the family of Lindsay have to say?

According to Reddington, the family went to doctors repeatedly seeking help, but the overmedication continued.

He mentioned that Ambien, Klonopin, Valium, Prozac, Lamictil, Ativan, Remeron, Seroquel, and Trazodone were among the medications prescribed to Clancy. 

Lindsay was also suffering from anxiety and postpartum depression, according to Reddington, and her hubby was very proactive in attempting to assist her with medication she was prescribed.

The attorney has hired a toxicologist and mental health expert to build a strong defense case for Lindsay.

He added that the family was going through a “brutal, brutal existence” and that her parents were aware of it and trying to help her husband as well.

What does the case of Lindsay Clancy highlight?

The case of Lindsay Clancy highlights the dangers of overmedication and its impact on individuals struggling with mental health issues.

It is also essential for patients and their families to be aware of the potential side effects of medications and to communicate any concerns they may have to their healthcare providers.

Other than this, the whole family is praying for the kids to rest in peace and they are very sad about the death of the kids.

The incident has sparked a larger conversation about the issue of overmedication and its effects on individuals struggling with mental health issues.

The World Health Organization states that overmedication is a widespread problem and can cause significant harm to patients.

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