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Gary Levin Missing: What Happened? Check Out the Details

Gary Levin Missing

Gary Levin, a Lyft Driver from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, vanished after picking up customers in his red Kia Stinger on January 30, 2023.

What Happened to Gary Levin?

On February 3, 2023, officials apprehended a wanted fugitive, Mathew Scott Flores, who was seen driving Gary Levin’s automobile in North Carolina. Authorities said they found the missing person’s automobile in Gainesville on February 1, 2023, shortly after which officers were involved in a high-speed chase across three counties that ended in an accident near North Carolina. Mathew Scott Flores, who had an arrest warrant for the murder of Jose Carlos Martinez, was discovered driving Levin’s automobile by police.


On Thursday, a fugitive was apprehended in North Carolina following a police chase in a car belonging to missing Lyft driver Gary Levin, a Florida resident who went missing on January 30. Police have been looking for the fugitive, Matthew Scott Flores, since January 24 in connection with the killing of Jose Carlos Martinez. It is unclear how Flores came into possession of Levin’s automobile. Flores, a dangerous convicted felon, was apparently under the influence of drugs during his arrest and was afterwards brought to a hospital, according to authorities, who have yet to determine his participation in Levin’s abduction.

Gary Levin’s Daughter Longing for Her Father:

Meanwhile, Gary Levin’s daughter is searching for clues that may bring her to her father, who reportedly moved to Florida from Philadelphia after retiring some years ago. According to DiBetta, her father had dinner plans with his girlfriend just before missing, according to the New York Post. In a Facebook post, Levin’s daughter, Lindsay DiBetta, announced the suspect’s arrest in her father’s abduction. Dibetta said that she hoped the suspect would lead her to her father’s whereabouts since he enjoyed being a Lyft driver and engaging clients in conversation. Flores remains in custody without bail while investigators continue to look into the case. Anyone with information on the missing person is asked to contact authorities.

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