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Aris Peter Hampers died at the age of 73, Cause of death

Aris Peter Hampers died at the age of 73, Cause of death
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Aris Peter Hampers died at the age of 73, sadly. He’d been fighting cancer for a long time.

Who was Aris Peter Hampers?

Aris Peter is the famous DJ, who has  died at 73. He started his career in the 1970s in a local band called Phlegethon and later worked at various radio stations, including WLAV, WKLQ, WMAX, and WCUZ-FM.

Hampers was remembered as a prominent figure in West Michigan’s rock radio scene. In 2018, he was red with a cancer that has caused him a great loss to his vocal cords and larynx.

Hampers discovered revealed he had been fighting cancer for three years before undergoing a major operation to remove his vocal cords in 2019.

Aris Peter Hampers was a legendary DJ in West Michigan, known for his work on the airwaves for over three decades.

Hampers started his career as a musician in the local hit band Phlegethon and later moved into radio, where he became a voice for listeners and helped shape the futures of many local bands.

Aris Peter Hampers died at the age of 73, Cause of death

Image Source: Fsk Hub

Aris Peter Hampers cause of death?

The family members do not reveal the cause of death, but Hampers had been battling cancer for three years.

In a Facebook post, he shared that he first noticed a change in his voice in 2016, which continued to worsen over the next three years.

After multiple surgeries and tests, he revealed that he had a one-and-a-half-inch tumor on his windpipe due to his 55 years of heavy smoking. 

The passing of Aris Hampers has left a void in the West Michigan radio community.

He was recognized as a “radio titan inside the metropolitan area of Grand Rapids” and a long-time WLAV figure.

His passion for music extended further than the radio mic; he was a member of a band for many years as well as the owner of a disc store in Grand Rapids.

Fans and colleagues in Grand Rapids mourned the loss of the radio legend and memorized his contributions to the music scene.

What was the career of Aris Peter?

Hampers was committed to improving the audience’s musical experience and was said to have used a metronome in the production company to ensure a seamless transition of beats from one melody to the next.

He also ran a disc shop where he sold films and music, back when the actual aspect of music listening was an essential part of the experience.

Hampers was well-known for his extensive music collection, which he meticulously cataloged in his basement.

Aris Peter Hampers was a prominent figure in the West Michigan radio scene and will be remembered as a legend in the industry.

He dedicated his life to music and helped shape the future of many local bands through his work on the airwaves and his dedication to enhancing the audience’s musical experience.

The passing of Aris Hampers is a loss to the radio community and will be deeply felt by those who knew him and appreciated his contributions to the local music scene.

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