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Who is Brittney Hislope? Kentucky woman Brittney Hislope ‘lovesick’ for Idaho killer Bryan Kohberger

Brittney Hislope

Currently, a Kentucky woman named “Brittney Hislope” is the subject of much debate among everyone, particularly those who know her intimately. Because she recently revealed the name of her lover, “Bryan Kohberger,” which has sparked a great deal of controversy. Since the news broke, there have been several reactions, to the point where no one could have predicted she would do something like this. As a result, numerous reactions began to make headlines, as her family and admirers eagerly awaited additional information, which can be seen below.

What do the Officials Say?

According to exclusive reports or sources, only a day had gone since the news broke, and despite this, uncounted searches on the proper phrase were found so that things could be straightened out while she was in front of her admirers. As Brittney Hislope insists, he’s the “ideal man” for her. While others consider him criminal enough because the way he killed the man was incredibly unsettling, few urge her not to date Bryan because she knows everything. Despite this, it’s her choice if she dates him.

Who is Brittney Hislope?

According to reports, Brittany is crazy for him because she loves him so much and does not want to leave him no matter how many charges he had against him in the past, but now he is good with her, and this is enough to survive with someone in…

What happened?

Bryan Kohberger, the accused quadruple murderer, is driving one lady insane — in love. Brittney Hislope is adamant that he is the “ideal man” for her. “My love interest… is named Bryan and is accused of murder, and I really wish to connect with him above anybody else,” the 35-year-old Kentucky single mom of a 16-year-old boy gushed about Kohberger in one of her many Facebook posts. 

“One way to characterise my feelings for him during the previous week is to be lovesick.” Hislope began publicly tweeting about her crush on Jan. 4, just five days after Kohberger was arrested in connection with the tragic Nov. 13 stabbings of four college students in Moscow, Idaho. Hislope, who frequently cites her and Kohberger’s astrological signs they’re both Scorpios and birth charts as evidence of why he could be her “divine male counterpart,” isn’t simply captivated by the former criminology PhD student for his intellect and calm courtroom demeanour.

Bryan Kohberger is now on trial in connection with the killings of Kaylee Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen, and Xana Kernodle. “There are some people who would remain off here if they had experienced all the types of limits and infractions that they’ve alleged I’ve made even when it’s addressing things that aren’t incorrect,” Hislope says in a lengthy Facebook letter to Kohberger.

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