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The murder of a pregnant woman has been charged against Stephen McCullagh

stephen mccullagh
Source: YouTube

Stephen Mccullagh a 32 years old man charged with murdering a pregnant woman in Lurgan staged , while an online gaming stream the night she was killed in the court hearing. What happened in this incident? We’ll check out all the details in this article.

Stephen McCullagh : Set up a fake livestream

Stephen McCullagh was chared for murder on Thursday. During the hearing session he did not speak a single word at Lisburn Magistrates Court. Mr McCullagh, who owns a YouTube channel, streams a live broadcast on the murder night heard by the court.

stephen mccullagh

Source: Linkedln

The court saw footage showing him playing the Video Game for six hours during the live stream. According to the other news source the suspect was arrested just after the incident but later ruled out on behalf of the alleged livestream alibi.

Left the phone in “family home”

In the court hearing detective told the court that after a keen examination of Mr McCullagh’s gadgets by the IT experts and after that, the result indicated that the footage was pre-recorded and streamed as if it was live.

In the video footage, the suspect tell the audience that he is unable to interact with them live due to some technical glitch, these all things is noted by PSNI Det Ch Insp Neil McGuinness. He said in the court that Mr McCullagh denied the involvement in Ms McNally’s murder, but he admitted in the police interview that the live stream was recorded by him earlier.

stephen mccullagh

Source: Save Daughters

Detective Mr McCullagh, a YouTuber went to the interact with the McNally family that week. Where he left his phone on the McNally’s parents also recorded 40 minutes of audio through mobile phone.

According to Det Ch Insp McGuinness Mr McCullagh did all this tantrum to determine if the family member of Ms McNally’s suspected him of the involvement in the murder.

After drinking fell asleep :

According to the police Mr McCullagh acknowledged that he was not streaming on the incident night, but he said he was drinking at his house and fell asleep. During the bail application the opponent’s lawyer challenged the basis on which the police had connected the defendant to the charge.

He said “Essentially, what the evidence seems to all hang on is that the man did not livestream when he said he livestreamed,”

it was one of the most ambiguous cases I had come across, said by the Judge denied the bail application and Mr McCullagh remained in the police custody. His next date for appearing in the court is 24 February.

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