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Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts continue to rehab injuries ahead of Chiefs-Eagles matchup,

patrick mahome
Source: Forbes

Patrick Mahomes are suffering from a high ankle sprain while Jalen Hurts have a shoulder injury , both are receiving continual treatment until the whole Super Bowl. We’ll check out all the details about these players in this article.

Now, a most on-field sensational story in the Super Bowl LVII is the health injuries of quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes, and Jalen Hurts. As per the latest reports both players continue to nurse notable injuries in the upcoming big game in the league.

patrick mahome

Source: The Mirror

If we talk about Mahomes, who is suffering from a high ankle sprain, He recently share his overview on the injury and said ” I am not suffering any setbacks for the upcoming Chief’s AFC title game win over the Bengals. According to the NFL media the treatment plan and rehab process for Mahomes is continued till game time.

We saw that Mahomes played not a full strength, he played as MVP level against the Bengals, including two touchdowns and throwing for 326 yards. Apart from them, he also had a run-on the in the chief’s final play that leads to a game-winning field goal.

On the other side Hurts also dealing with a right shoulder injury. He was injured during the Eagle’s Week 15 win over the Bears. Now the burning question arises whether Hurt will receive a shot in the shoulder before or during this championship of Super Bowl as told by the NFL Media.

patrick mahome

Source: New York Post

Due to his shoulder injury, Hurts missed two games, and after coming to the team, he help lead the Eagles to a week 18 win over the Giants. He did two touchdowns and 275 yards in the Eagle’s two playoff wins.

Apart from all of this he ran for 73 yards and two touchdowns to win for Eagles team’s second Super Bowl in last six years.

Mahomes clearly spoke to the media about his injury, and Hurts is also transparent about his injury leading to the Super Bowl.

While talking to Local radio station, Hurts said “I’m getting there”. “I’ve made it clear this whole time it’s something I’m dealing with.”

He said to Philadelphia radio station. Now the team hopes both players will recover before their respective conference title games.

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