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Nonoy Lanzanas, a Palawan Musician and the Creator of the Music Ensemble Sinika, Has Died.

Nonoy Lanzanas dies

Nonoy Lanzanas, a famous singer and songwriter, died on February 5. Let’s examine the artist’s situation and Nonoy Lanzana’s cause of death in more detail.

Nonoy Lanzanas Died in What Manner?

Lanzanas, the founder of SINIKA, or folk art, in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, died. Lanzanas was named head of Puerto Princesa Municipal’s culture and arts development programme in 1992, under the direction of the late city mayor Edward Hagedorn. Nonoy is unquestionably an essential character in Palawan’s cultural and artistic scene. His death was publicised on social media by his family and close friends.

Nonoy Lanzanas, who was He?

The song “Latong Cuyo,” composed and published in 1998 by Nonoy Lanzanas and his Sinika (short for Sining ng Katutubo) band, is full of nostalgia (seaweed from Cuyo). When the record originally came out, Latong Cuyo prompted many long-time island inhabitants to return. This song connected our culture and customs to the community’s distinct kind of “lato,” which moved the audience to tears. It warned that if we do not safeguard our rivers, the lato will disappear, and if we do not pass on our indigenous music (such as “tipano” and “toting”) to the next generation, they will all die. The outcome motivated him to do further study and composing, even going so far as to promote Philippine folk music locally and worldwide.

Musician’s Career:

Lanzanas and his group recently represented the Philippines at the Asian Cultural Fair in Burma (Myanmar). It captivates the audience with a wide range of lyrical folk music. The Filipino community applauded their display, which was displayed in a characteristic Sinika style. When he is not performing overseas, Lanzanas returns to his origins and spearheads outreach efforts to rescue the Cuyono bamboo flute music known as tipano, which is on the verge of extinction. Lanzanas has been promoting indigenous Filipino music, particularly from Palawan, since he was barely out of college and did so while working. He and his band have appeared in festivals, fiestas, and other cultural events at home and abroad.

Nonoy Lanzanas Died as a Result of The Following Causes:

Lanzanas, a Filipino musician, died late Sunday evening, according to many of his close friends. The reason for the death of Nonoy Lanzana is still unclear. Tributes poured in when word of the ethnic/Cuyunon musician’s death surfaced.

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