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Is Sir Trill alive or dead? Death hoax, explained

Sir Trill
Source: IOL

There were rumours that Tumelo Mzwakhe Zwane, an Amapiano musician popularly known as Sir Trill, had passed away. Find out what ultimately transpired with the musician.

Where did Sir Trill go?

Sir Trill’s death has been widely reported. But it turned out that the artist was still alive after all. The South African rapper, musician, and producer Sir Trill said that he had given up on making it big in the music business.

He has recently spoken out about being exploited and bankrupt as a result of years of achievement for which he received no compensation.

Trill stunned his followers when he spoke out about the emotional and mental health issues he’s been through.

PASSED AWAY? Unconfirmed rumours on Facebook says South African singer, Sir Trill, is dead

Source: KOSY

On Twitter, he reflected on the situation and revealed that he had, in fact, been paid nothing for his contributions to the songs in question.

Mr. Sir Trill

About his problem, Sir Trill has been very forthright:
Amid his desperation, he posted a tweet reading,

The emotional and physical toll is enormous. Despite all the views, I haven’t made a single dime. I’ve been working hard, and it’s now caught up with me.

The hitman admitted he knew the risks of coming forward.

Never been much of a talkative or open artist. This is meant to be funny, and I know that at least some of you will find it that way. That’s clear to me. But it wears you out emotionally and psychologically and isn’t worth it. What are we working so hard for, he questioned in his letter.

His backers urged him to seek outside help with his business.

You are a creative artist, and your songwriting and singing are untswembu bhuti, but you can’t do it all. One of your followers pleaded with you to let them handle the business for you.

The South African musician stated that he had given up on his profession since he had not been compensated for his work.

Throughout a series of tweets, Trill implied that he was having trouble releasing a project and that he felt it was overdue, alluding to the involvement of unnamed third parties.

“I appreciate the genuine enthusiasm of all of ‘Sir Trill’s’ fans. It’s likely that this is my last tweet,” he said.

According to the John Wick hitmaker, he and Mpura collaborated on a tune years ago. He had planned to drop an album titled “Ghost” in February.

I should have abandoned a project for you guys last year. You should give this some consideration. For some reason, I managed to stay upright. I was being chased by a pack of niggahs. I’ll see you all first, before anybody else. Without the people of Earth, Sir Trill would be nothing.

If they want to halt the project, let’s watch them try.

Internet users speculated that he had killed himself after this tweet. The word of the killing spread rapidly throughout online communities. Several musicians posted homage online as word of the rumours circulated.

Whether or whether the Amapiano star Sir Trill is still alive is a topic of much speculation on the Internet.

Word of a death circulated widely on the web. Some time later, though, the artist himself posted to his social media accounts to confirm his survival.

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