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On Friday, Ilagosa Wa Ilagosa, a gospel musician, passed away.

On Friday, Ilagosa Wa Ilagosa, a gospel musician, passed away.
Image Source: Vipasho News

Gospel singer Samuel Ilagosa, who performed under the stage name “Ilagosa wa Ilagosa.

He has passed away in a Nairobi hospital. He was known for his hit song “Sala Zangu” and collaborated with well-known gospel artists Solomon Mukubwa and Janet Otieno. 

His sudden death on Friday has caused a wave of grief in the gospel music community.

The news quickly trended on social media after being announced by his friend Musalia Mudambi.

Who was Ilagosa Wa Ilagosa?

Ilagosa was a prominent figure in the gospel music industry, with a career lasting over a decade.

He was a multi-talented individual who had a passion for music and was also a pastor and the founder of the Prophetic International Ministry.

Ilagosa’s musical talent was reflected in his extensive repertoire of popular gospel songs, including hits like “Jesus my sweet darling,” “Sala zangu,” “Amba,” “Camera ya Yesu,” and “Sema nami.”

People remember Ilagosa not just for his musical ability but also for his strong faith and kind personality.

He was known for his energetic gospel performances and joyful spirit, which made him a beloved artist who truly represented the spirit of heaven.

How did Ilagosa Wa Ilagosa die?

The reason for Ilagosa’s passing remains a mystery. According to reports, he had been struggling with illness for the past two months. 

In the Kenyan music community, particularly among those who appreciate gospel music, Ilagosa’s passing has caused grief and sorrow. His songs will always be with us

His reason for death has yet to be determined, but some internet users believe food poisoning may have been the cause.

Ilagosa Wa Obituary:

Sadly, on February 3, 2023, Ilagosa lost his battle with illness after a brief struggle.

He was receiving care at a hospital in Langata when he passed away. According to his friend, Musalia Mudambi, Ilagosa had been battling his illness for the last two months.

The death of Ilagosa was a loss felt deeply by the gospel music community, especially among his fans and admirers.

The first reports of his passing spread quickly on Facebook and were later confirmed by several of his fellow gospel artists, including Ali Mukhwana.

Mukhwana expressed his grief on social media, remembering Ilagosa as his brother and a beloved member of the gospel community.

Gospel artist Florence Andenyi also expressed her condolences to Ilagosa’s family and made headlines with her tribute.

Ilagosa was known for his hit song “Sala Zangu,” which brought him fame in the gospel music industry.

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