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How did Paco Rabanne Die? Spanish Fashion Designer Died At 88

Paco Rabanne Die

Paco Rabanne, the famous perfume and fashion designer, died at 88 at his home in France. Puig, the parent business of his brands, confirmed his death and said he had “marked generations with his bold vision of fashion, and his legacy will live on”. Rabanne rose to prominence for his outlandish clothes designs. Puig’s fashion president, José Manuel Albesa, hailed Rabanne’s work, which he said: “made transgression magnetic”.

How did Paco Rabanne Die?

Paco Rabanne, well known for his space-age metal costumes, popular fragrances, and quirky declarations, died at 88. The Puig group, which owns the Paco Rabanne brand, announced his death on Friday in a statement. “The passing of Paco Rabanne deeply grieves me,” said the group’s CEO, Marc Puig, in a statement. “Through his strong personality, he imparted a distinct aesthetic as well as a daring, progressive, and provocative view of the fashion world.”

Tributes to Paco Rabanne:

The house of Paco Rabanne offered its tribute to the man it described as a “visionary designer and pioneer”. “Among the most seminal fashion figures of the twentieth century, his legacy will remain a continuing source of inspiration,” the statement stated. Monsieur Rabanne has established our avant-garde history and defined a future of boundless possibilities.” Rabanne was born in the Basque Country in February 1934 as Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo. His father was a Republican soldier killed by Franco, while his mother worked for Cristóbal Balenciaga as a “petit main,” or couture seamstress.

Who is Paco Rabanne?

Despite becoming one of the most well-known fashion names of the 1960s, Rabanne entered the industry late. He worked in architecture for nearly ten years after studying architecture at L’école Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris in the 1950s. He dabbled in sketching around that time, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that he began making garments and accessories. He started by producing a limited selection of huge plastic accessories and buttons that he sold to several couture houses before presenting his first fashion exhibition, “Twelve Experimental Dresses,” in 1964. Even then, he didn’t consider himself a pure fashion designer, preferring to deal with unusual materials to create outfits that were as engineered as they were made.

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