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DJ Lastborn “Benson Ouma” passed away on February 3.

DJ Lastborn "Benson Ouma" passed away on February 3.
Image Source: Tuko News

The sudden passing of DJ Lastborn has left the online community reeling in shock, with people eager to learn more about the tragic event.

His sister, Lillian Anyango, announced that his death was on Friday, at the age of 43.

DJ Lastborn, also known as Benson Ogweno Ouma, has been suffering from the repercussions of two strokes for multiple years. 

The second stroke he suffered in 2019 had a devastating effect on his speech and vision. His health had been fragile ever since;

How did Benson Ogweno Ouma die?

DJ Lastborn “Benson Ouma” passed away on February 3, 2023, after a lengthy struggle with heart disease. Last night, he finally found peace.

His sister affirmed the report of his death; she said he had been in high spirits when they talked on Thursday evening.

His sister has been taking care of Ouma since his stroke in 2017; she has noticed a considerable improvement in his condition over all these years.

On Friday morning, Ian, her son, stopped by, as usual, to see how Ouma was doing and thought he was sleeping, so he went off to purchase some supplies.

But, later, they found him dead. Immediately his body was transported to Mombasa’s Jocham Funeral Home.

Career and Family of DJ Lastborn:

DJ Lastborn had a close relationship with his sister, Lillian Anyango, but had not revealed any details about his parents.

Benson Ogweno Ouma (better known as DJ Lastborn) was a Kenyan DJ and producer who blended African music with modern EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

He was an original member of Supremacy sounds and became well-known for his reggae-themed Missile mixtape series.

His distinct musical style made him famous all over the world with his huge fan following. 

He along with his partner Simple Simon created one of the biggest reggae production houses, Black Supremacy Entertainment 

DJ Lastborn has become a notable figure in the Kenyan music scene due to his skill and enthusiasm for creating a unique sound. 

He worked with other musicians and producers in Kenya and abroad and has gained recognition for his contributions to the African music scene.

Net Worth of DJ Lastborn:

Reports indicate that DJ Lastborn’s net worth was estimated to be around 20 million NGN (Nigerian Naira) at the time of his death, although there has been no official declaration.

Oumu has entertained audiences all over Kenya through his thrilling shows, captivating them with his energetic performances and dynamic stage presence.

Messages of sympathy and sorrow have been pouring in from all over the world in response to the passing of DJ LASTBORN.

Social media has been inundated with expressions of condolences for the beloved DJ.

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