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Ata Johnson Car Accident Explained: Dwayne Johnson’s Mom is a Survivor of a Car Crash

Ata Johnson Car Accident

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mother was in a horrific vehicle accident in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, but she survived in what the star describes as a miracle. The “Black Adam” singer shared an Instagram shot of a mangled red Cadillac Escalade with significant damage to the front passenger side. The star included a lengthy statement praising God for his mother’s safety. “Angels of compassion guarded my mother as she was in a car accident late last night,” Johnson added. The shell of the Escalade had been ripped off and crumbled, exposing the inner components and an airbag that appeared to have been deployed on the driver’s side. Johnson, 50, stated that his mother would be evaluated further due to the terrifying incident.

Dwayne Johnson’s Mom’s Statement About the Incident:

“Mercy angels guarded my mother after she was involved in an automobile accident late yesterday night. She will live and be tested in the future, “Johnson stated in his blog post. “This woman has survived lung cancer, a difficult marriage, a head-on collision with a drunk motorist, and a suicide attempt. She is a survivor in ways that bring angels and miracles to life.” Dwayne Johnson says his mother is “OK” after being in a car accident in Los Angeles. Johnson, 50, also expressed gratitude to the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department for being “caring” and “focused,” as well as for “staying on the phone” and walking him through the incident.

Johnson concluded his thankfulness message by offering a reminder for folks who still have both parents after his father died of a heart attack in 2020. “If you still have your mother and father, make sure you embrace them tight,” he added. “You never know when you’re going to get that 3 a.m. call, we don’t want to get.” Johnson made news this summer after uploading an emotional video of his mother crying after he displayed the new “dream” home he purchased her.

Dwayne Johnson’s Statement About his Mom:

Johnson told the Associated Press in March that his mother primarily reared him. While he had a relationship with his father, pro-wrestler Rocky Johnson, who passed away in 2020, the “Moana” star stated that his mother and grandmother “had a very clear agenda on how to raise me and what lessons I should be taught and what kind of integrity I should have as a little boy growing up.” “My grandparents and mother. My first wife, Dany Garcia, who is now a long-term business partner, my current wife, Lauren, and my three daughters continue to influence and teach me on a daily basis,” he continued.

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