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Rachel Shoaf, Details of her crime and present Condition

Rachel Shoaf

Rachel Shoaf, along with another friend, directly planted the murder of her best friend and the entire plan was directly done for a few months just after the murder happened. The next day, a social media poster should be made stating that she has been very close to her best friend. She will always stay her best friend, and little did she know that whatever she had done was a very big crime and the investigation of the crime would directly be done against her for her to get penalised for the entire incident. The Murder Was properly planned, and as the planning of the murder happened very well, the execution was also done properly.

Rachel Shoaf crime


Rachel Shoaf Crime committed

Rachel Shoaf, along with her very close friend, directly planned the murder of her best friend. After proper planning, the two individuals went on to execute the murder on the 5th of July 2012 and the crime was carried out when Rachel was just 16 years old. Her friends were also somewhere close to that age itself. The crime which happened was a very shocking incident for the entire nation, and after the confession of the crime, she had an n nervous breakdown. That was why she directly stated to the police officers the details of the crime and stated that she did that out of anger and regretted the most.

Rachel Shoaf murder


Rachel Shoaf plan of murder

Rachel Shoaf had been planning the murder for a very long time. After the murder had been planned for nearly a few months, the decision to execute the murder on the fifth of July 2012, after proper planning, they directly decided to take over the crying and stabbed her best friend on the fifth of July. After committing the crime, she also made a social media post to make it an accident rather than a murder and stated that she would always be her breast friend. Still, after a few days, she had a mental trauma and went on to the police officers and stated the details of her crime and that whatever happened was out of extinct and anger, and she regrets the incident the most.

Where is she


Information on the investigation of Rachel Shoaf

After the crime on the 5th of July 2012, the police officers started their investigation. Through the very first investigation itself, they directly came to know the entire incident was a plan of the murder and whoever planned the murder was not a very experienced murderer itself. Just a few days after the investigation started, Rachel went directly to the authorities. She stated about the crime she committed and that she couldn’t survive the entire thing, and that whatever happened was something that happened out of extinct and decided to understand and state that whatever was done was done through anger.

Rachel Shoaf Investigation


Where is she now?

Rachel directly committed her crime just after few days after the investigation started. Presently, she has been given 30 years the imprisonment in the local state jail. It is expected that if she is very good with the authorities, there might be chances of her reducing the punishment as she is young and 25 years old. Currently, in the state jail, it is expected that she will be released on the 30th of April 2028, and there are no chances of her being released before that. The entire story has been something which has caused a lot of dangerous things across the entire region, and whatever has happened is something which is caused a lot of world trauma for both the individuals who directly planned the murder and apart from that, they have created a lot of difficulties for each other in their entire life.

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