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Odetta Maxwell dies at 25 year old

Odetta Maxwell
Source: Advertiser

A tragic vehicle accident has claimed the life of a talented young musician from Australia. Odetta Maxwell, a 25-year-old lady from South Australia, is being recalled as a figure who was “bigger than life.” On Tuesday, Ms. Maxwell was hit by a lightning bolt just after making the transition from living at home to attending university.

According to a statement released by South Australia Police, she was airlifted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with significant injuries; however, she did not survive and passed suddenly on Wednesday.

Isobel Vlahiotis, her sister, has launched a GoFundMe account to assist with the expenditures associated with the funeral. Isobel stated in an email that “our lovely angel O has got her wings as a consequence of a horrific single-car accident, and she is in paradise with her beloved Nanna and Grandpa and other loved ones.”

Odetta Maxwell remembered by family after dying in a car crash on Port Wakefield Hwy | The Advertiser

Source: Advertiser

“During her brief 25 years, Odetta experienced a great deal of life and had many many incarnations, as you are all aware.

Odetta put a lot of effort into everything she did, including loving and being loved, and she battled for all she believed in. She was the most extroverted, stunning, intellectual, and gorgeous woman who was also bigger than life. She kept her loved ones near to her heart.

Isobel further disclosed that both of her parents had suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of being engaged in separate incidents involving automobile accidents in the past.

Odetta, it was believed, devoted a significant portion of her time to taking care of both of her parents.

The fact that she was so enthusiastic about whatever she did made it difficult for her to balance the responsibilities of taking care of her parents with those of her other obligations.

The editors of Triple J Music have referred to Ms. Maxwell’s tracks as “energetic” and a “sweet and carefree piece of music yet it keeps a lot of heart.” Ms. Maxwell was also a competent musician.

Her stream on social media provided insight into her enthusiastic ambitions for the future, which included the creation of music.

Her Instagram bio states that she is a student of psychology, neurology, and philosophy and that she is a music producer, performer, and composer (2023 forthcoming). Just hold tight and wait. It is on its way.”

Her passing brings the total number of lives lost on South Australian roadways to eleven so far in 2018.

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