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Kaylea Titford’s father is charged with letting his fat daughter die.

Kaylea Titford
Source: BBC

A father who is being blamed for his overweight daughter’s death has admitted that he could have done more to save her life.

In October of 2020, 16-year-old Kaylea Titford passed away in her home in Newtown, Powys, Wales. She had a body mass index of 70 and weighed 22 stone and 13 pounds. Someone discovered her laying in filthy pyjamas and a filthy bed.

The night before she passed away, her father, Alun Titford, sent her a note, as revealed in testimony presented at her trial at Mold Crown Court. If her chest hurt, he instructed her to “stop screaming.”

Colwyn, Newtown resident Titford is being accused of manslaughter by gross negligence and other charges related to the death of a child, both of which he denies.

Kaylea Titford: Dad to blame for girl's death, court told - BBC News

Source: BBC

On Wednesday, Titford was asked by defence attorney David Elias KC whether he could have done more to assist Kaylea. After being questioned, he said “Yeah. I suppose I could have tried harder.”

Titford, 45, was asked if he felt he had been a good parent to any of his six children. What he actually said was: “No. I just can’t seem to become any better at this.” Those who assisted her move remarked that Kaylea was a “beautiful” child.

The father testified that he used to accompany his daughter in her wheelchair to doctor’s visits and assist with her care, but that he had become less involved as she had grown older.

To quote what he had to say: “I recoiled a little bit. When it came to assisting her, I slacked off. Worry set in when I noticed her advancing years.”

Kaylea was raised by her mother, Sarah Lloyd-Jones, he claimed. Gross negligence manslaughter is the charge to which Sarah Lloyd-Jones has pleaded guilty.

I thought it was all over,” he remarked.

As Titford predicted, Kaylea’s weight became more difficult to manage as she grew older.

According to testimony presented in court, both the dietician service and the social workers who had been providing assistance to Kaylea eventually let her leave.

Titford said in court that “most days” Kaylea would scream if her parents or siblings entered her bedroom without permission.

He said that on the night she passed away, she had a cold and couldn’t hear, but she could hear Kaylea wailing.

Although Kaylea did not want her siblings in there, Titford stated he saw one of them and assumed they were in her room.

Then, about 10:30 p.m., he texted her, “If you have a horrible chest, stop yelling.”

He claimed that Lloyd-Jones cried and woke him up the next morning to break the news that Kaylea had passed away. He left to see how she was doing.

“I simply had to touch her to know,” he declared.

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