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Alice Stones, 4, was identified as the victim of the dog attack in Milton Keynes.

Alice Stones
Source: Sky News

Alice Stones, aged four, has been identified as the child who was attacked and murdered by a dog in the backyard of a home in Milton Keynes.

Tuesday afternoon about five o’clock, officers were dispatched to a residence in the Broadlands neighbourhood; however, Alice was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after their arrival.

The dog had to be put down, and fortunately no one else was wounded in the incident. There has not been a single arrest made. Superintendent of Police Matt Bullivant referred to it as a “extremely sad tragedy” and urged that people should refrain from speculating about the events that led up to it.

Dog attack: Four-year-old girl dies in back garden of home in Milton Keynes | UK News | Sky News

Source: Sky News

Rita Matthews, a 36-year-old neighbour, mentioned that she would frequently run across Alice as she was walking her own kid to school.

On the walk home, “she was always clutching her mummy’s hand,” the other person explained. “It’s really unfortunate that we won’t be able to see the girl again, and I wish that her mother will regain her strength as quickly as possible.”

She described Alice as a “very happy young kid” who was a “happy little girl.” m According to Ms. Matthews, “She would say “Bye, auntie,” and I would respond by saying “Bye, little girl.”

It was confirmed by the police that the dog had been euthanized in a humane manner “to preserve public safety.” On Wednesday, the home at the end of the terrace was still blocked off, and there was a forensic tent set up next to the garden. Officers were also stationed on the street.

During the time allotted for questions to be asked of the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak expressed his condolences to Alice’s family as well as to the community.

A vigil is going to take place this evening, according to Donna Fuller, who is a ward councillor for the Woughton Community Council.

She stated, “It will send a strong message to the family that we are thinking of them.” “It will send a powerful message that we are thinking of them.”

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