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Officer kills gunman shooting AR-15 at Target in west Omaha

Omaha Shooting
Source: New York Post

On Tuesday a man was shot dead by law enforcement officers. The man entered a targeted store in Omaha, Nebraska and, through his rifle, starts shooting there. Todd Schmaderer, Omaha police chief informed the news reporters about this incident. This incident happened just after 12-noon local time.

Too many calls were made when the shooter was active with his AR-15 rifle inside the store. According to Schmaderer the shooter had AR-15 rifle with him and many bullets. The shooter was identified as a thirty year old white man.

Omaha Shooting


“when police got the news, a law enforcement officer reached at the spot and confronted the shooter and shot him dead,” said Schmaderer to NBC News. It is still unclear that the shooter fired in the store, but shell casings were found at the location. While no one was harm in the incident or taken to hospital after the shooting told by Schmaderer.

According to the police there was no injured people were found at the spot, police searched the whole store after the shooting because some people were also hiding the self in there.

One eyewitness named Remus Smolksy, who was presented in the store at the time of the shooting said: “When we heard the sound of shooting, it looked like a choas, and people evacuated”.

“I saw all the people are running in hurry and woman carrying her two kids was looking terrified tried to pushing the cart and finding the place to hide” as told by Smolksy to the local news agency. “some of the local people said that there was a shooter.”

Another man in the store Cathy Mahannah called this incident sheer panic.

Omaha Shooting

Source: KMTV

A 62 year old lady near the store at the time of shooting buying Valentine’s day gifts for family heard the sound of gunfire. After the firing she saw the many people running very fast from the exit gate of the store.

When someone told her, there was an active shooter in the store she fled. Afterwards, she also heard two more shots of fire and a few more shots from the outside. She was so confused at that time and did not find her car and jumped into some stranger’s vehicle.

She said, “at the moment, i was feeled very terrifiying when i heard the gunfire shot sound; that time my brain stopped functioning; I didn’t know what to do that time.”

After the incident the Store official spoke person said “Following an incident in our Omaha West store, we can confirm that all guests and team members safely evacuated the store. The store will remain closed until further notice. We are partnering with the Omaha police as we learn more.”

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