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Missing Perryville woman identified as Anna Cummins

Missing Perryville woman identified as Anna Cummins
Image Source: News Random

Police in Boyle County, Kentucky, discovered the remains of a woman who was 49 years old. The woman who died was identified as Anna Cummins in an announcement published on Jan. 20.

Police were looking for Andrea Knabels, who had gone missing, but they discovered Anna Cummins instead.

The Kentucky State Police was contacted regarding the discovery of possible human remains in Boyle County.

It was determined that skeletal remains were found off Craintown Road in Perryville. Louisville is about 75 miles away.

A statement released by the State Medical Examiner’s Office on Tuesday identified the victim as Anna Cummins.

An investigation is being conducted by the KSP into the death. Please contact KSP Post 7 at (859) 623-2404 if you would like more information.

What is the story behind Anna Cummins & Andrea Knabel’s?

A field off Craintown Road in Perryville was discovered with human skeletal remains around Jan. 20.

The female was believed to have been dead for three to five years. The skullton belongs to Anna Cummins, not Andrea Knabel.

In response to that development, Knabel’s family was contacted.

Several forensic dentists were hired to assist authorities in identifying Andrea’s dental records.

WDRB News spoke with family members of Andrea Knabel, who has been missing since last year. according to her father, Mike Knabel The last time Knabel was seen was in August of this year.

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