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How did Ross Gillespie Die? | Cause of death of NZ hockey gold medalist

Ross Gillespie

Ross Gillespie, a former hockey player of New Zealand, recently passed away. He was the coach of 1976’s Montreal Olympic Games men’s team, which won the gold medal that year. Let’s see all the details about Ross and cause behind his death.

Ross Gillespie: What happened to him

Ross Gillespie was a former hockey plyer who participated in the 1960 and 1964 Olympic hockey teams. He died in the Christchurch at the age of 87. Hockey New Zealand also expressed their sorrow at the death of world-class hockey player.

Ross Gillespie


“Ross is a true NZ sporting icon—a double hockey Olympian and an Olympic Gold Medal-winning coach with our men’s hockey side at the 1976 Montreal Olympics”.

“He will forever be a part of our rich hockey history and will not be forgotten,’’ said Hockey NZ official spokesperson

Details about Ross Gillespie

He was a former New Zealand field hockey player; after retirement he started coaching the new players. Ross was born in the Timaru.

He participated on behalf of the New Zealand team in Summer Olympics in 1960 and 1964.

He also served as the head coach for New Zeland field hockey in 1972 Summer Olympics. In 1976 the New Zealand team won the gold medal in the Olympics.

Earlier John started coaching for youth team before started as a senior coach at Woolston. In 1972 New Zealand did not show any impression under the guidance of Gillespie and finished their journey in 8th place.

Ross Gillespie


Another teammate of Roass, Alan Patterson, a team member in Tokyo, was one of his defendants. In 1998 Gillespie was also selected as a life member of New Zealand and worked much innovative work during his duration.

In an interesting instance, the team management instructed Gillespie and his colleagues that they would not tackle till the Pakistanis crossed the 25-year mark during a match between New Zealand and Pakistan at Eden Park in 1956.

During this match Gillespie repeatedly requested “tackel, no 6, tackel” among the crowded audience. After this incident he was called “Tack” among his hockey team members.

Ross Gillespie: Reason behind the death

Former New Zealand hockey player Ross Gillespie died in the Christchurch, and was a hockey team member between 1960 and 1964. Ross died at 87; he died peacefully in his sleep.

His family will be released the details about Funeral and memorial services. Now His friends and family member shared the grief with his family. Gillespie was appointed in 1977 New Year’s Honors as a Member of the Order of the British Empire. Apart from this he ran a sawmilling business.

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