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How did Lily Dissinger and Adrianna Flora fare? Know the Specifics

What Happened to Adrianna Flora and Lily Dissinger

Missing teen females reported from central Pennsylvania homes. Police are searching for two missing juveniles who they suspect are in West Manchester Township or York. Continue reading to learn more about what happened to teen girls.

What Happened to Adrianna Flora and Lily Dissinger?

York County police are seeking two adolescent girls. Adrianna Flora, 14, was last seen leaving school at about 3 p.m. on Monday, January 30. Flora, according to her grandma, allegedly left the house with two backpacks and stated she was returning some belongings to a friend. She was last seen leaving school with 14-year-old Lily Dissinger. The York County Regional Police Department reports that neither daughter returned home from school.

Both families have reported the daughters missing to the police. According to rumours, they could be in West Manchester Township, near York City. Anyone with information on the girl’s whereabouts is urged to call the York County Region Police Department or 911.

What do the Officials State?

According to authorities, two York County girls went missing on Monday and maybe together. As per York County Regional Police, 14-year-old Adrianna Flora was last seen around 3 p.m. after school. Her grandmother informed police she left her home with two backpacks on Monday morning, claiming she needed to return some belongings to a friend. 

Flora was last seen leaving school with Lily Dissinger, 14, who has also gone missing. Neither girl came home from school. The girls could be in York City or West Manchester Township, according to police. “Their family and friends are concerned about their well-being and want them to return home,” police said. Anyone who knows where they are should call York Area Regional Police at 717-741-1259. Or dial 911.

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