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How did Leo Rex Die? YouTuber for ‘Penis Enlargement’ Discovered Dead in Thailand, Half-Naked and Surrounded by Narcotics

Leo Rex

In Pattaya, Thailand, YouTuber Laith Abdallah Algaz, popularly known as Leo Rex, was found dead in a room stuffed with narcotics and prescription medications. He was nude except for a black shirt around his waist. Today, the well-known American YouTuber was found dead in his broken-in apartment in Thailand, and authorities investigated his untimely death. Officers discovered the 34-year-old man in Pattaya on January 30 after he had been dead for at least four hours.

What Exactly was Leo Rex?

Laith Abdallah Algaz, popular as Leo Rex among his fans, rose to prominence for his outlandish views on men’s health issues such as fitness and smoking. Algaz, originally from Colorado, now lives in East Thailand’s Bang Lamung area. Algaz’s channel, Leo And Longevity, has over 130,000 subscribers, and most of his videos provide unique advice on how his admirers may improve their mental and physical well-being. Four of the channel’s most famous films, with over 100,000 views each, dealt with the contentious issue of penis augmentation, which medical organisations severely prohibit.

The Demise of Lex Rex:

Algaz was found face down in a pool of blood on the ground by police. The man’s left eye was reportedly wounded, and blood gushed from his lips and nose. Possessions and clothes belonging to the dead were scattered around the room, giving the appearance that it had been looted. The toilet and bathroom cabinets were also completely ruined. Police found marijuana on the desk, as well as antidepressants, bipolar disorder drugs, anxiety meds, sleeping aids, antibiotics, and steroids. The cops also found a handwritten message on the desk, which they have now kept as evidence.

Leo rex, known as Leo and longevity, was discovered dead in a Thai apartment.

According to Daily Mail sources, Leo, of Leo And Longevity, was discovered deceased at an apartment in Pattaya, Thailand, on Monday, January 30. According to the allegation, Algaz’s buddy, Charles Anthony Hughes, who came to the home after unsuccessfully trying to reach the YouTuber, contacted authorities. There was no official cause of death reported at the time of writing. According to sources, the flat was highly untidy when they arrived, and Algaz had several facial injuries. Authorities are conducting an official inquiry into the reason for Algaz’s death, advising the public not to “jump to any conclusions until a comprehensive study has been completed.”

Leo Rex’s Lifespan and Leo Channel:

Algaz delivered monologues to the camera in several videos on the Leo And Longevity channel. On the other hand, the late fitness enthusiast typically included podcast-style videos with comparable lifestyle channels. Algaz acknowledged his appreciation in February 2022 for assisting the Leo, And Longevity channel reaches the desired 100,000 subscriber mark.

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