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Christina Morris Missing: Where is Enrique Arochi Now?

christina morris missing

‘See No Evil: We Never Fight’ on Investigation Discovery and ‘Dateline NBC: Frost’ on Dateline NBC are two episodes that recount a disappearance and death that has Texas perplexed. When Christina Morris left a gathering with friends to return home, never to be seen or heard from again, people who knew her were convinced that something awful had occurred. The subsequent investigations uncovered a web of incidences they could never have predicted. So, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for further information.

How did Christina Morris Die?

Christina Morris, 23, appeared to be leading a happy life in Forth Worth, Texas, where she had relocated from her birthplace of Plano to be with her boyfriend, Hunter Foster. She’d returned for Labor Day weekend in 2014, but no one could have predicted this would be her final decision. After all, Christina strolled into the neighbourhood garage where she had parked her trusted four-wheeler at 3:55 a.m. on August 30, after a couple of hours of drinking and enjoying her time with a small group of friends near The Shops at Legacy, never to emerge again.

Christina was reported missing, and investigators discovered her car in the garage three days after she was last seen alive, with no evidence of her nearby. Slowly, leads about her location began to fade, but her family, friends, and loved ones continued to set out every week in the hopes of finding her. Although they initially looked everywhere, as time passed, they mainly focused on Anna, a small village with farmlands where locals suspected her body was hidden. On March 7, 2018, an excavating crew discovered her fragmented skeletal bones in a town field. Her cause of death was either unknown or had not been made public.

Who Killed Christina Morris?

When authorities found Christina Morris’ vehicle, they retrieved the surveillance videos from the parking lot and discovered that she had entered the area with a male. Upon further investigation, he was positively recognised as Enrique Gutierrez Arochi, a high school acquaintance. Friends say the couple was not tight, but he appeared romantically interested, which was not returned. Furthermore, one of them stated that he seemed nearly irritated when he volunteered to escort Christina to her car after saying she wanted to go home that night. She didn’t seem anxious or scared, and no one raised the alarm. They both went into the garage, but only Enrique drove out three minutes later.

Where is Enrique Arochi Now?

When Enrique Arochi went on trial, his defence questioned the DNA evidence and cited experts who said cell phone pings couldn’t be trusted. Following the fall 2016 verdict, a court sentenced him to life in state prison. Enrique had requested a retrial, but after Christina’s bones were discovered, the Court of Appeals for the Fifth District of Texas in Dallas upheld the trial court’s decision. He is still charged with kidnapping rather than murder. As a result, he is now imprisoned at the maximum-security French M. Robertson Unit in Abilene, Texas, at 31. Enrique’s release date is unknown, although according to Department of Corrections data, he will be eligible for parole on December 12, 2044.

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