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Carla Riccitelli, Where is the ex-wife of Maurizio Miani now?

Carla Riccitelli

Carla Riccitelli is a part of the Netflix television series, which will be about the massive life around the richest dog in the world Gunther. The entire story, which will be shown on Netflix, is not only about the pet’s wealthy lifestyle but also the dog’s entire initial inheritance. The dog’s entire lifestyle will be discussed through the four parts of the Netflix television series. Carla is one of the initial individuals related to the dog and was also the previous wife of Maurizio Miani. In 1993 she was the first woman to come across Gunther, and her husband worked at an advertising company. They were looking forward to creating an incredible line of worth and riches.

Carla Riccitelli who is she

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Carla Riccitelli, Who is she?

Carla Riccitelli was the wife of Maurizio Miani and also half-owner of the wealthiest dog in the World. Recently the Netflix production house is going to cover the entire life of a dog, which is why they are also covering a lot of important details about the first female owner of the wealthiest dog in the world. The husband and the wife were in a very good relationship with each other and also fell in true love with each other and love each other very the dog was also one of the most important parts of their relationship as both of them loved the dog very much. They have created a very good life together and have had a lot of success and fame for themselves throughout their entire career.

Carla Riccitelli where is she


Carla Riccitelli, Where is she now?

Carla Riccitelli has reportedly stayed around Italy, where she is continuing to stay under the corporation, as after the relationship was not going very well, they separated from each other. Still, her connection with Gunther kept growing, and as it was very difficult for her to part ways with the dog, she constantly had a proper relationship with the dog and was also very close to him and looked forward to meeting him in regular intervals. She has also stated in the documentary series that she will kill anyone for the dog, and nobody can touch the dog. She has also stated that no one can touch her when she is with him because Gunther might also kill anyone for her.

Carla Riccitelli Personal life


Carla Riccitelli Personal Details

Carla Riccitelli has not provided any personal details about her lifestyle to the Netflix original series as she has decided not to say all personal details about her life. He only said every personal detail she shared with the dog and a bit of detail about her husband. In the interview she gave to the documentary series on Netflix, it is evident that she was very close to the dog and had a much more romantic relationship with the dog than with her husband. After separating from her husband, she continued to have a relationship with the dog, as it was very important for her to continue the love and affection she had for the dog.

Maurizio Miani


Maurizio Mian Details Available

Maurizio Miani was a very well-known and successful businessman. Also, he looked forward to creating a lot of success and fame throughout his entire career as it was very important for him to become rich to receive proper recognition for his dog, and his rich is that is wealth of his dog. He has received a lot of recognition and success for his wealth, and he has also been very rich, famous and successful in his entire life. He has gained proper recognition and has been very successful in whatever he has done and in what ways he has achieved the recognition for his entire life. The richest which he created in the world added up to the wealth of the wealthiest dog on the planet in the present situation.

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