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Where was Adriana Davidson last seen? The body of a missing Michigan teenager was discovered close to her high school.

Adriana Davidson
Source: Foxnews

After a 15-year-old girl from Michigan failed to return home from school and her cell phone was found in an unusual place, police are examining her disappearance as “suspicious.”

On Friday, Adriana Davidson, a resident of Ann Arbor, was reported missing when she did not come home from school and remained out of sight for two hours.

Addy Davidson, the daughter of John Davidson, has been missing for some time after she took a long bus ride and has not returned her father’s calls or texts.

Now we’re on Day 2 and 7 Action News reports that Davidson has already claimed that this is not his daughter.

After inquiring among her friends and checking the school grounds, the anxious parent finally decided to contact the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office.

Department spokesperson Derrick Jackson stated in an interview with the media outlet, “There’s certainly some questionable components to this.”

Surveillance footage from the school bus led investigators to discover that Adriana had arrived at school on Friday morning but had already left. Her companions called the police to report that she was sick. The youngster was said to have returned to school about lunchtime, but she was never seen inside.

Michigan teen Adriana Davidson found dead 4 days after mysterious disappearance | Fox News

Source: Foxnews

Jackson said, “We have no clue at this point, so that’s why we’re asking for the public’s help.” when asked if officials knew where she went.

Adriana’s brother, Anthony Lopez, claims the girl’s close friend told him that Adriana texted her.

According to Lopez of 7 Action News, Addy texted back “no” to Lopez’s sister’s question of if she was straight at 12:26 p.m., as indicated by the timestamp on Addy’s and her friend’s text exchanges.

Apparently, Addy did not answer her friend’s “Wym” (short for “What do you mean?”) text message.

Student who found it on the school’s tennis court on Friday afternoon and turned it in to police gave the phone to Addy’s best friend, according to the magazine.

I knew Addy had not just vanished after hearing that she may be missing. When I got the phone, it was the first warning indicator,” Lopez said.

He answered, “She is not at the area she is at the present voluntarily.” Jackson said on 7 Action News, “What adolescent girl simply goes off and leaves her phone and doesn’t tell someone?” On Sunday, the girl’s family spread missing poster across Ann Arbor.

At 734-994-2911, you may contact the Washtenaw Sheriff’s Dispatch, and at 734-973-7711, you can call the Washtenaw Sheriff’s Anonymous Tip Line.

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