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Two months after her husband’s death, skier Kyle Smaine’s wife grieves.

Jenna Dramise, a snowboarder and the wife of the late freestyle skier Kyle Smaine, is in sorrow over her husband’s passing after his untimely death on Saturday.

Dramise posted a devastating homage to her husband on Instagram on Sunday night. The couple had only been married for two months when they had a private ceremony to celebrate their union.

“Although not many people were aware of it, my husband and I will be legally wed on November 18, 2022. You are my entire universe. I can’t express how grateful I am that we were able to be married and that you are a part of my life “Alongside a slideshow of photographs documenting their time together, she sent a letter.

“You liked skiing more than anyone I’ve ever met. You were hitchhiking in New Zealand in 2010, and I picked you up there. I never in a million years would have guessed that we would be married 13 years later “Additionally, she said. “Those were some of the finest years of my life, darn it.”

In an Instagram post that was published on Sunday, action sports photographer Grant Gunderson retold the story of how Smaine was murdered in an avalanche while skiing in Japan. Gunderson described the incident as his “absolute worst nightmare scenario.”

According to the Mountain Gazette’s reporting, Smaine was in Japan on a marketing tour for Ikon Pass and Nagano Tourism while he was there. According to Gunderson, the unfortunate incident took place on the very last day of their vacation.

Kyle Smaine Wife: Was Kyle Smaine Married?

Source: Mynewsgh

In her homage to her friend, Dramise said, “I know you had the finest runs of your life out there in Japan and could never blame you for doing what you loved.”

“I really, truly hope that I could reveal to you the one secret I’ve always kept, which is that I love you. It was never truly a secret because I told you at least ten times a day, therefore it was never really a secret “In the end, she decided. “I can’t wait till the next time we meet. Tonight, I hope that in my dreams, I will be riding some pow or motorcycles with you. Be devoted to your wife.”

Smaine has been documenting the journey on social media, most notably by uploading footage on Instagram of himself skiing. “This is what gets me back to Japan each winter,” he said in his final post before his unexpected death. “This is what brings me back to Japan each winter.” “Unbelievable snow quality, non-stop storms, and very great terrain that seems to get better the more exploration you do,” said one skier. “It just keeps getting better and better.”

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