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Rickey Smiley announces the death of his son Brandon, 32

As per the reports, comedian Rickey Smiley’s son Brandon Smiley recently passed away on January 29, 2023.

The news was delivered by Rickey Smiley himself on Instagram. Rickey Smiley’s full name is Broderick Dornell Smiley.

He is a popular American stand-up comedian. He is also famous as an actor, television host, and RJ, a radio personality. 

Rickey is famous for his hilarious prank calls on the radio to the audience, disguising his voice and trapping the receivers.

Rickey also appeared in The Rickey Smiley show, a sitcom; later, in 2015, he appeared in a television web series Rickey Smiley for real, based on his real life.

He is 54 years old, lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and recently lost one(son) of the four children he had.

What news updates about him?

Recently breaking news was published about the comedian Rickey Smiley that he lost his son Brandon Smiley which was confirmed by himself only.

Earlier in 2020, Rickey also lost her daughter Aaryn in a road rage where she was shot dead.

Then, on January 29, 2023, he again lost his oldest son Brandon Smiley. The news was shocking and devastating for the Americans for RJ Rickey Smiley.

When was the news published, and by whom?

On January 29, 2023, Rickey Smiley, on his Instagram handle, posted a video of himself where he was talking about his son’s departure.

He can be seen leaving for the airport, where he is trying to get back to Birmingham as soon as possible.

Rickey, in his video, states he is okay, but he wants everyone to pray for his and Brandon’s family, especially Brandon’s mother, who grew up with him and his wife. 

Rickey writes below the Instagram post, “I lost my oldest son #BrandonSmiley this morning. I’m okay, but please pray for my son’s mother, Brenda, his siblings, and his daughter, Storm.” This is how the comedian took over the internet and confirmed the news of his son’s death.

What was the reason for Brandon’s death?

Since the news has been confirmed by Rickey Smiley of his son’s departure, everyone is waiting for the reason for his death.

Many celebrities from the industry, Rickey’s friends, family members, and other influencers have commented on the post of Rickey sharing the news. 

All of them paid condolences and sympathy to Rickey and his family.

But unfortunately, no one tried to know the reason directly, so Rickey did not explain why his son died.

So the reason for the death of Brandon Smiley remains a question as there are no answers, even in vain.

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