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How Bull Rider Die? 14-Year-Old Dies After Bull Ride

On Saturday night, a youngster died after riding a bull at the American Legion Post 290 on South Main Street in King. Let’s take a closer look at what happened to Denim Bradshaw.

How did Bull Rider die?

Units responded to a complaint of cardiac arrest at the Rafter K. Rodeo Winter Series at about 8:24 p.m., according to Brandon Gentry, Director of Emergency Services in Stokes County. According to the rodeo’s Facebook page, the rider’s name was Denim Bradshaw. When the complaint came in, Bradshaw was riding a bull, but it’s unclear if that triggered the heart attack. Bradshaw died shortly after being taken to the hospital. Shannon Bowman, Bradshaw’s mother, wrote a Facebook post following her son’s death.

What is Denim Bradshaw’s Cause of Death?

Denim went into cardiac collapse while riding the bull in King, North Carolina. Two EMTs from the King Fire Department contracted by the rodeo to be on standby gave life-saving assistance until Stokes EMS arrived. Soon after, EMS took the little victim to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead. Denim was only 14 at the time. According to the King Fire Department, the EMTs have an off-duty contract that mandates them to be on call every weekend in the arena. According to the rodeo’s Facebook page, the rider’s name was Denim Bradshaw. Bradshaw was mounted on a bull at the time of the call. Following Bradshaw’s death, Union Grove-based Rafter K Rodeo Company, LLC stated on Facebook.

“Everyone at Rafter K Rodeo Company, LLC would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of a bull rider, Denim Bradshaw. This is a horrible tragedy, and words cannot express how much pain this loss has caused. We ask that everyone join us in praying for his family’s comfort and healing during this difficult time.”

What Happened to Denim Bradshaw?

Denim Bradshaw died after being involved in a bull riding accident. Denim Bradshaw, 14, was killed while riding a bull in King, North Carolina, on Saturday, January 28, 2023. He was said to be a novice bull rider. According to family members, Bradshaw slid off and was crushed by the bull. After the death of a young kid became public, tributes poured in.

Tributes to Denim Bradshaw:

Lois Elizabeth wrote: Denim Bradshaw, my nephew, died in a senseless incident yesterday night; please send up thoughts and prayers for his parents, siblings, and extended family. Denim Bradshaw, you’ve done a heckva job, cowboy. All the members of RFB will never forget and appreciate you. Fly high, cowboy. I’m sure your registration costs have been paid, Joe Cassteven posted. Shaun Renn commented, Well, my mother just phoned, and my little nephew and I wanted to go to the bull riding contest, and he slipped off, and then the bull came and smashed him, and he died. Rest in peace, Denim. Bradshaw, I’m sorry this occurred to you; you’re far too young.

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