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Vito Chimenti dies at 69. The Legendary Football Player Passed Away

Italian football mourns the death of Vito Chimenti, who died unexpectedly at 69. Let’s take a closer look at what happened to the former striker and the reason for Vito Chimenti’s death.

Vito Chimenti Dies at 69:

The former striker from Palermo, Catanzaro, and Pistoiese, who is now on the technical staff of Pomarico, an Eccellenza Lucana team, became unwell as he was going to take a shower after warming up before the home match against Real Senise. He got sick in the changing room. The rescue crew attempted to revive him immediately but was unable, and the game was postponed. Chimenti, 69, was noted for his South American dribbling, nicknamed the “bicycle”, and had 77 games and 13 goals in Serie A, wearing the jerseys of Pistoiese, Catanzaro, Palermo, Taranto, Salernitana, and Lecco during his most fantastic years.

Who is Vito Chimenti?

Chimenti was born in Bari in 1953 and played for Pistoiese, Catanzaro, Palermo (29 goals in two seasons), Taranto, Salernitana, and Lecco in Serie A, B, and C. After becoming a coach, he worked with Salernitana, Foggia, Messina, Matera, Lanciano, Rimini, and Virtus Casarano. Chimenti was noted for his ‘bicycle,’ a dribbling style in which the former striker dribbled past opponents who attempted to stop him from running towards the other goal. Chimenti used his heel to lift the ball and send it over his head, only to find it in front of his torso. An incredible play in those years, and one still admired by champions such as Neymar and Douglas Costa.

What is Vito Chimenti’s Cause of Death?

Vito Chimenti, 69, died abruptly of a heart attack on January 29, 2023, in Pomarico. Vito Chimenti died as a result of a heart attack. Fans and friends were shocked to learn about Vito’s untimely passing. Following the death announcement, internet tributes poured in. The Rosanero club also paid tribute to the former striker via Twitter. “Vito is gone- we read on Palermo’s social profile – A Palermo buddy is going, a Palermo friend of those who adore Palermo “.

Tributes to Vito Chimenti:

Vito Chimenti, a Palermo legend, has died, according to Sicilian Football. Between 1977 and 1979, he was a striker for the Rosanero. One of his most memorable moments in a Palermo shirt was scoring the first goal in the 1978-79 Coppa Italia final against Juventus. RIP. Sempre con il Cagliari posted, Goodbye to Vito Chimenti, in 79/80 he had played with Catanzaro, whose captain was Claudio Ranieri, who today offered his condolences: “I am heartbroken for his disappearance, a fair and true person. I had the pleasure of meeting him as a colleague in Catanzaro, not only as an opponent. My thoughts are with the family and loved ones”.

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