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Marcia Cooke – First black federal judge of Florida

Marcia Cooke had  served as a senior judge at the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida and had lost her life.

The reason for the honorable judge’s death is cancer.

Who was Marcia Cooke?

Marcia Cooke was a popular female black federal judge in Florida. However, her native roots are in Detroit, Michigan State.

She used to be an assistant Miami-Dade county attorney. She was born in Carolina on October 16, 1954 (Sumter).

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Services from Georgetown University in 1975.

Her early education in graduate degree is impressive, which was why she was hired as a staff attorney for legal services in Michigan soon after her studies in 1978.

She had handled high maintenance complicated cases, such as cancer, as reported by her acquaintances. 

What happened to Marcia Cooke?

She had undergone surgery for a pulmonary embolism which she had recovered well. Later her health deteriorated, resulting in her giving up her profession.

She had cancer that could not be operated on or curated. She fought cancer until January 27, 2023, and the disease finally overtook the lady’s life.

Marcia Cooke was highly admired for her law practices and judicial intelligence as a judge.

Her career lasted very long and was spectacular. However, her impressions as the first black federal judge with a huge successful appreciation will always last in the hearts of the Florida district’s people and professionals.

Everyone is sad about her death, they have been praying for her. She was very kind and used to help others.

She has achieved many things in her life through her hard work.

What was Marcia Cooke’s career?

Before developing such a high and reputed profile of hers, Marcia Cooke was an assistant attorney and had paid service as a chief inspector general for Florida.

Later she was appointed to the federal sector. Later in 1984, Marcia was appointed as the youngest Magistrate judge of the Michigan Eastern District (1999-2002).

She solved thirty criminal trials during her service as an assistant attorney and public defender.

She was responsible for judicial activities and a range of trials.  

To add more about her, she was an adjunct professor of criminal law and litigation skills at the University of Miami school of law George.

On November 25, 2003, W bush later appointed her as the Florida judge after Wilkie D. Ferguson had vacated his seat.

In 2004, on May 18, she was officially announced as a senate member by a vote of 96 against 0. 

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