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Everything You Need to Know About NFL Brothers Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce

Travis Kelce, a Kansas City Chiefs tight end, and Jason Kelce, a Philadelphia Eagles centre, are on their way to NFL legendhood.

Their success has caused their parents some problems, such as which side to support for when they play each other and how to attend two playoff games in one day.

Donna Kelce, Travis and Jason’s mother, discovered the latter in 2022 when she drove 1,300 miles in one day to see their NFL Wild Card games. After watching Jason and the Eagles face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa, Florida, the pleased parent flew to Kansas City to surprise Travis. NFL’s Twitter account posted a snapshot of Donna mid-cheer and wrote, “Success! Two. Someday. Amazing mother.”

Both of Donna’s sons compete in their divisional championships on Jan. 29. Jason and the Eagles will host the 49ers. Travis and the Chiefs meet the Cincinnati Bengals in Kansas City. The games are 1,100 miles apart and might lead to the first Super Bowl matchup between the Kelce brothers.

Donna quipped to the Washington Post that she would root for the offence in the Super Bowl.

Despite their competitiveness, the brothers have always celebrated each other’s triumphs. Travis told Sports Illustrated that his elder brother Jason’s 2018 Super Bowl triumph made him the happiest.

Jason felt similarly about Travis’ Super Bowl win two years later. “Winning is self-satisfying. but helping a loved one achieve their goals may be more rewarding “Jason told SI.

From their infancy in Ohio to their decade-plus NFL career, here’s everything about Jason and Travis Kelce.

Nearly two years separate Jason and Travis

Travis Kelce is 23 months older than Jason: Travis was born Oct. 5, 1989, and Jason Nov. 5, 1987. According to Sports Illustrated, their father Ed worked in steel and their mother Donna in banking in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Donna told FOX 4 Kansas City that raising two boys close in age was difficult.

“There are many smashed windows, crashes, and fights. Travis usually started things because he wanted his brother’s attention, “said.

Jason shared his experiences growing up with his younger brother Travis. “Two-year age gap, so growing up, in true little brother manner, Travis found all the various ways to have the upper hand—and that was the most frustrating thing ever,” Jason told NFL Films in 2018.

Their age difference caused them to compete as well as annoy one other. Donna told FOX 4 Kansas City that they were competing from the start.

“There were several conflicts,” she told Sports Illustrated in 2020. “Punches rained down. It all started with someone being better than the other and the other being unable to handle it.”

Travis and Jason Kelce New Heights Ep. 7: Baby Gronk and trade rumors - Arrowhead Pride

Source: Us Weekly

Travis said the brothers’ competition was good. “The competitiveness we had growing up is really important on why we’re even in the NFL,” he told NFL Films.

They played football at Cincinnati

Both Kelce brothers played football and baseball in high school; Jason played hockey in the winter while Travis played hoops. According to Sports Illustrated, Jason got into the University of Cincinnati football team as a linebacker before becoming an offensive lineman.

Two years later, Travis followed his brother to Cincinnati despite receiving many football scholarships. “I’ve naturally always kind of followed his footsteps,” he told NFL Films. “Being on his squad, knowing he’s already gone through this system—it simply made the most sense.”

Travis failed a drug test during his rookie year in 2009, nearly ending his NCAA football career. He lost his scholarship and was thrown off the football squad until Jason intervened. “So I could keep an eye on him,” Jason told the Philadelphia Inquirer, he had Travis move in with him and other players and spoke to the head coach about bringing Travis back. Big-brother attempts worked.

“I’ve never really inquired how he got me back on the squad,” Travis told Sports Illustrated. “That was my brother being a big brother and striving for the success story.”

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