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Annie Wersching, a star of “The Vampire Diaries,” passed away at age 45 after a secret cancer battle.

In her 45th year, Annie Wersching has passed away. Since 2020, the former Vampire Diaries star has been fighting cancer in the shadows.

After his wife’s passing, Stephen Full released a statement. The heart of this family has been ripped out today. We have the resources to replace the void she left behind, however. She had a childlike sense of awe for even the most ordinary of experiences. When she wanted to dance, she did it even without music. She instilled in us the wisdom to seek out excitement on our own terms. To locate it, please. Everywhere you look, there it is. And we will discover it,” he promised via Deadline. I’d be driving our two sons—her genuine loves—down the long driveway and into the street, and she’d cry, “Bye!” until we were out of hearing. The bell is still ringing in my ears. Goodbye, pal. “I adore you, my little tiny family.”

Ever Carradine, who starred with her in Marvel’s Runaways, was among the first to pay homage to the late actor. On Sunday, January 29, 2019, Carradine, 48, commented on Instagram, “We lost a beam of light this morning.” I hope you are dancing with your dear mother and looking over your adoring sons right now, because I you, @anniewersching. It’s a blessing to have you as a friend.

Annie Wersching Dies: Actress In '24', 'Bosch' And 'Timeless' Was 45 – Deadline

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The Handmaid’s Tale actress has also set up a GoFundMe page for Wersching’s family, which includes her husband Steve and their three boys, Freddie (age 12), Ozzie (age 9), and Archie (year 4).

According to Carradine’s account, the late Missouri resident hid her medical condition. It was the summer of 2020, she said, that Annie was told she had cancer. As an already reserved individual, her diagnosis further increased her reserve. As a mother, she felt a need to protect her sons. To return to her job, she needed to recover quickly. In addition, she really didn’t feel like discussing it. She only wanted to be among her loved ones and to have a life of her own choosing.

To aid the family with unexpected medical costs, burial costs, and other costs, a fund has been established with an aim of $200,000. They all adored Annie. Everyone. As much as we adored her, she was most devoted to her sons. Let’s assist her out and tend to them so she doesn’t have to worry,” Carradine said.

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Donations to the campaign totaled almost $45,000 in only a few short hours. The cast of The Last of Us, including Jonathan Frakes, Lea Thompson, and Jeri Ryan, as well as Supernatural’s Eric Kripke, were among the first to make a donation.

“Heartbreaking. Kripke said on Sunday through Twitter, “Annie was so sweet, intelligent, full of life.” I used to hunt for her to play a role in #TheBoys since she was my secret weapon. Never again will I let the opportunity pass to collaborate with her. Send your best to her loved ones and do all you can to assist them.

She has appeared in episodes of Supernatural, The Boys, Timeless, and Revolution thanks to Kripke’s casting. Abigail Spencer, a former co-star of Timeless, was likewise saddened by the news. We want to tell you how much we appreciate you, #AnnieWersching. The actress said on Twitter on Sunday, “You will be profoundly missed..” To help Annie’s husband Steve and their sons through this difficult time, the #Timeless community is asking for donations in any amount.

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