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A Historic Surgery Separated Conjoined Twin Girls at Texas Hospital

On Monday, a historic event occurred at Cook Children’s Medical Centre when a pair of premature conjoined twins were separated successfully by a team of doctors. The surgery involved a team of six surgeons and 25 medical professionals for the delicate operation, which continued for 11 hours.

AmieLynn Rose and JamieLynn Rae Finley were cojoined twins by birth, separated successfully and are recovering well, according to a news release by the officials at the Cook Children’s Medical Centre. The conjoined babies were born to parents Amanda Arciniega and Jamie Finley on October 3, 2022, at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital.

Conjoined twins separated

Image Source: Fox News

The mother, during the pregnancy, came to know that the twins she carried were cojoined and was devastated. The twins were by birth joined along their abdomens and shared skin,intra-abdominal organs(Liver) and muscle.

The National Institute of Health suggests in its report published in 2016 that omphalopagus twins have the best chances of surviving following the operation. According to the agency, about 10% of conjoined twins are omphalopagus.

The senior vice president and chief of communications for the Cook Children’s Health Care System at a news conference on Wednesday said:

“This is a historic, amazing day,”

“This is a magical moment for Cook Children’s,”

Conjoined twins separated

Image Source: MySa

Dr Jose Iglesias, the surgeon of conjoined twins, said:

“We are very happy with their progress at this point,”

“We are focusing on their healing. They have risks for several things, but we’re keeping an eye on those.”

“They’re going to grow up into the little girls that they’re supposed to be: independent and feisty, like they’ve already shown us,” Iglesias added, drawing a burst of knowing laughter from the audience. “So, we’re very thankful with that so far.”

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