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Yvonne Plaza Chua Shot Dead Video Was Released: What Happened?

The Special Investigation Task Group is looking into the killing of Davao model and businesswoman Yvonne Chua Plaza, named B/Gen. Jesus Durante of the Philippine Army was the perpetrator on Wednesday. According to Region XI police chief B/Gen. Benjamin Silo, the suspect in Plaza’s murder, are a member of the Army’s 1001st Infantry Brigade, which Durante used to command. They have already surrendered to authorities. 

How Yvonne Plaza Chua Shot Dead?

Plaza was shot dead by two shooters last December 30 in front of her leased house in the Green Meadows community in Barangay Tugbok, Davao City. “There was an acknowledgement there na si General Durante appreciated the assassination when the gunman reported to him immediately,” Silo stated, citing the respondents’ extrajudicial confessions. “Doon niya sinabi na in-acknowledge niya yung pagpatay at may mga things pa siya sinabi indicating that he was aware of the situation and that he has given the go signal. There are certain similarities in the statements of witnesses with similar selos, “He said.

What Happens After the Incident?

Following Plaza’s death, multiple social media posts dragged Durante’s name, alleging he physically mistreated her. Plaza was shown with bruises and wounds on her face in a post from a now-defunct account. Durante denied his involvement earlier this month, saying in a statement that he “demands justice” for Plaza’s killing. “Yvonne was a close friend. My name is being dragged because of a Facebook post I made in April 2022 in which I supposedly hurt her. She eventually retracted the message and stated that I had not hurt her in any manner, “Durante said.

Investigation Process:

Plaza’s laptop, which had contacts, images, and email messages sent to Durante, was discovered by authorities. According to the investigation group’s connection analysis, Durante allegedly instructed his deputy brigade commander Michael Licyayo to kill Plaza. Licyayo allegedly directed his six minions to snoop on Plaza’s whereabouts and assassinated her. According to investigators, the weapon used in the crime was a firearm issued by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. After shooting the victim, the suspect torched his items, which included a bag, smartphone, ID, and credit card. Silo stated that the investigators’ evidence “established” a rumoured link between Durante and Plaza.

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