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What Happened to Charles Langlinais? The Reason for the Death of Broussard’s Former Mayor has been Revealed

Charles Langlinais, the mayor of Broussard for almost 25 years, died. Let’s take a closer look at Charles Langlinais’s death and the cause of death.

What Happened to Charles Langlinais?

At 73, Charles Langlinais, who served as mayor of Broussard for some more almost 25 years, passed away. Dave Langlinais, Charles Langlinais’ son, posted the heartbreaking news on Facebook. “Last night, my father, Charles Langlinais, died in his sleep.” He said that Mayor Charles Langlinais’ legacy would not be forgotten.

Even though the funeral details have not yet been made public, flags will be flying at half-staff during a week in Broussard in memory of Langlinais’ many years of dedication to the town.

Cause of Death: Charles Langlinais

We are sad to tell you that Charles Langlinais has died. Charles Langlinais was thought to have a pleasant demeanour. Given the recent news, many people must be curious about Charles Langlinais’s cause of death.

Langlinais died in his sleep on Tuesday morning. The actual cause of death for Charles Langlinais has not yet been established. As soon as new details become available, we’ll update this story.

He eventually had kidney problems, according to individuals who knew Langlinais well.

Charles Langlinais, Who was He?

Charles Langlinais is remembered as a visionary leader who aided Broussard’s growth from a tiny town to a vast metropolis. To make his dreams a reality, he was fearless in using any means available to press for expansion, ultimately publicly battling with other leaders, notably former Lafayette Mayor-President Joey Durel.

The municipal clerk, Tina Emert, noted, “We would giggle at some of the things he did,” “His thing was ‘Get it done quickly,’ and he would get irate when we phoned a company and they notified us that there was a holdup, the item was backordered, or that we would have to wait. Then he would instruct you, ‘Call him back again and you tell him who I am. Tell him I’m the mayor, and I need it right now.”

Langlinais has worked for the city of Broussard for almost 30 years. He served as mayor from January 1991 until December 2018. Before it, he served on the council from March 1987 until December 1990. Langlinais, a Broussard native who served in the Navy, was a land surveyor and real estate agent. He also offered a private hunting service. Broussard flourished rapidly under Langlinais’ guidance. He also was driving in constructing the Ambassador Caffery extension and Albertson Parkway.

Last Meeting of Langlanais:

His family, friends, and employees honoured his 30 years in office by roasting him at Walk-while On’s while commemorating his community service. Langlinais thought about the three decades it had taken to run the city properly.

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