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Updates and Details About Harmony Montgomery Case

Adam Montgomery, the jailed father of a missing New Hampshire girl, has been charged with murder in her death. Harmony Montgomery, who has been missing since the fall of 2019, was declared dead by investigators last summer. In October, they said they would seek charges of second-degree murder, fabricating evidence, and witness tampering. According to court records, the indictments were returned by a grand jury on January 20.

Father was Claimed to be the Suspect:

In an October news briefing, New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella stated that Adam Montgomery allegedly punched the little girl in the head with a closed fist on December 7, 2019, “recklessly causing the death of Harmony Montgomery, a person under 13 years of age, under circumstances to the value of human life.” The father was imprisoned for over a year on child abuse allegations. He is also an ex-con who shot a guy in Massachusetts in 2014 and is a suspect in a separate cold-case murder. According to the criminal complaint in her death, he allegedly killed Harmony with repeated strikes to the head.

Timeline of the Incident:

Harmony’s stepmother, his now-divorced wife Kayla Montgomery, told police that her husband “had pushed her on many occasions to lie to police about Harmony’s location,” according to investigators, who claim he also gave her a “cover story.” Kayla Montgomery is also charged with the girl’s disappearance, reportedly lying to a grand jury and collecting welfare payments on her behalf months after her death. Crystal Sorey, Harmony’s mother, gave up custody rights in 2018. According to a police affidavit, she reported Harmony missing in late November 2021 after failing to reach the girl’s father for nearly two years. When investigators started hunting for her in 2021, they discovered that no one they spoke with had “physically seen her” since shortly after Thanksgiving in 2019.

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