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Sandra Galas, Who is she? Where are her sons now?

Sandra Galas was a woman who died in January 2006. The dead body was found dead by her boyfriend in the garage. The investigation of the dead continued for 12 years as the family members wanted proper justice for the murderer who killed her. When she died, she was separated from her husband, and she had two children who were also in joint custody with her husband and regularly used to stay with their mother but used to visit their father at certain intervals. The children were very devastated by the death of their mother, and it was also very difficult for them to survive a life completely with their father and stepmother.

Sandra Galas who is she


Sandra Galas, who is she?

Sandra Galas was a common woman known to be dead in January 2006. She was a normal woman who returned home from Hawaii as she completed her education in Hawaii. After finishing college in New York, she fell in love with Darren and married him successfully. Both of them also had two children and were very happy with their relationship and received a lot of recognition and became very successful in their life. After a few years of giving birth to his child, she directly went on to know that he was cheating on her with the two married women, and that was the situation in which Darren moved out of the house.

Sandra Galas son now

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Sandra Galas son now?

Sandra Galas gave birth to two children who were of Darren. When they got out of the house, there was no possibility of them going with their father as they would be very young. Still, later on, after a proper justice and court procedure took place, there was a high chance that there would be joint custody provided to them and that something which happens as both of them receive joint custody of the children where the children would be staying with their mother and will regularly visit their father. The children are presently safe and secure as after the death of their mother, they continued their life with their father and stepmother and decided not to visit their grandparents and stay with them and to support their father.

Sandra Galas death


Details of the death of Sandra Galas

Sandra Galas got separated from her husband and, after that, started dating another guy and was continuing her dating life and was very happy with her life with her children, and in the situation when she went on to provide custody of her children to her husband, regular conflicts were happening. Still, apart from that, there was happy life that she was leading. The day on which she was supposed to pick up her children from their father’s house was the day on which she never showed. The children were devastated that their mother left them, but on that day, her dead body was discovered by her boyfriend in the garage as she was dead and couldn’t survive the big and brutal murder against her.


New York Times

Other essential details of the killer

The death happened in January 2006, and it took nearly 12 years to provide proper justice for the death as the police officers did not know about the killer. There also have been no details provided by the police officers related to the killer as they have been arrested, and apart from that, there have not been any details provided about the killer. The Death was a sad incident for the children as they could not admit that their mother was gone from the planet. Apart from that, after that of their mother, they were provided with the opportunity to visit and stay with their grandparents, but they decided to stay with their father and be by his side by the end of his life as he was also an essential part of their life.

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