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Find Out Shele Danishefsky Murder Mystery and Details

Dateline: Secrets Uncovered on Oxygen will revisit the 2009 New Year’s Eve death of Shele Danishefsky, a Manhattan-based wealthy banker and mother-of-two who was discovered dead in the bathtub of her opulent home by her nine-year-old daughter. Her death was initially considered to be accidental by authorities. Finally, an autopsy revealed that Danishefsky had been strangled to death, and homicide was proclaimed the official cause of death. After a lengthy investigation, her struggling stockbroker ex-husband Rod Covlin, who was residing in a different apartment on the same floor at the time of her sad death, was captured.

Authorities Found Shele Danishefsky Dead:

Danishefsky was discovered unresponsive, floating face-down in the bloodied bathtub of her upscale Manhattan home on December 30, 2009. Anna, her nine-year-old daughter, apparently found the scene and phoned her father, Rod Covlin. The father, who resided in a separate apartment on the same level, allegedly came to the location and reportedly dragged the deceased out of the tub while performing CPR. He then dialled 911 and said that his estranged wife had died after accidentally falling into the bathtub. When they arrived, authorities discovered Danishefsky’s body wrapped in a quilt on the bathroom floor close to the blood-filled bathtub.

Shele Danishefsky Body Buried Without Doing Autopsy:

When officials ruled that Shele Danishefsky’s death was accidental, her body was reportedly buried without an examination. Her family quickly realised that something was awry when her spouse, who was to be left out of her million-dollar bequest, died suddenly when it was most convenient for him. Danishefsky’s family eventually had her remains excavated and submitted for analysis. Following an examination, medical examiners determined that the person was likely strangled to death because the hyoid bone in the neck was cracked, ruling out homicide as a cause of death.

Rod Covlin was Arrested:

Rod Covlin was arrested and charged with Shele Danishefsky’s murder in 2015. He was later tried in 2019, and the jury rendered a verdict on March 13, finding Covlin guilty of strangling the 47-year-old on New Year’s Eve 2009. On second-degree murder charges, he was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. The prosecution said that Danishefsky strangled her in the bathroom before dumping bloody water into the bathtub to make her death appear accidental. He allegedly sought Shele Danishefsky’s $5 million estate and custody of his children.

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