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Who was Carol Sloane Husband? How did Jazz Singer Carol Sloane Die?

Carol Sloane was a professional American jazz singer. Carol Sloane started her professional singing at the age of 14. Carol Sloane worked in Raleigh, North Carolina, as a legal secretary in the 1970s.

Thereafter, between September 1967 and May 1968, Carol Sloane wrote occasional albums for Down Beat. Carol Sloan lived in Stoneham, Massachusetts, after she was born and began her singing career.

Jazz Singer Carol Sloane’s cause of death

Jazz singer Carol Sloane died at the age of 85 on 23 January 2023 in Stoneham, Massachusetts, USA. Carol Sloane’s cause of death is a complication from a case that occurred two years earlier.

The news of Carol Sloane’s death has saddened her fans, relatives and co-stars and she has been paying tribute to Carol Sloane on social media.

Carol Sloane’s birth name was Carol Morvan. Carol Sloane was born to her parents on March 5, 1937. Carol Sloane’s birthplace was Providence, Rhode Island, United States. Carol Sloane’s nationality was American.

Who was Carol Sloane Husband?

Carol Sloane was a married woman. Carol Sloane married in 1986. Carol Sloane husband’s name was Buck Spurr. In April 2016, Carol Sloane was one of the inductees into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame (RIMHOF).

Carol Sloane Husband

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Carol Sloane’s Singing Career

Carol Sloane worked with the orchestras of Les and Larry Elgart early in her career. Carol then replaced Lambert, Hendricks and Ross with Annie Ross. By 1961 success at the Newport Jazz Festival led to albums for Columbia Records.

Carol’s career briefly waned in the 1970s. But again, in the 1980s, Carol’s career took off. In 1983, Carol found a nickel in the niche of her car seat, which Carol took to a psychic. Psychic asked Carroll to sign with Concord Records, and Carol had some success touring in Japan.

“Sloane: A Jazz Singer” documentary feature film on the career of Carol Sloane is currently in production.

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