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Sharon Shenker, A Beloved Friend, Leader and Teacher, died of cancer.

Sharon Shenker, a Momentum Community Leader from Los Angeles and mother of two little children, died after a lengthy fight with cancer. This post will look at what happened to her and People’s passionate tributes to her.

What happened to Sharon Shenker?

Lori Palatnik, Founding Director of Momentum, confirmed Sharon Shenker’s death in a statement that says, I bring the news with tremendous regret and astonishment that our beloved friend, teacher, young Mom, and excellent L.A. Momentum Community Leader, Sharon Shenker Lmft, passed away today, leaving behind countless broken hearts. Her body battled cancer, but her neshama soared even higher, carrying on the wings of all the good she had done in this world and the innumerable round-the-clock prayers in her honour.

Who is Sharon Shenker?

Mrs. Shenker has been a valued Torah teacher, volunteer outreach specialist, and compassionate therapist in the community for many years. It’s incredible how many people she’s influenced for the better. Her departure has left a great vacuum in our hearts and our community. People who loved Sharon paid tribute to her and conveyed their memories and condolences as soon as the terrible news of her death spread online.

Tributes to Sharon Shenker:

She raised a wonderful family, influenced many people, and accomplished much in her short life. My heartfelt condolences go out to her family and the entire community. Landsbaum, Karen. She was such a wonderful woman! When my husband and I first married, she taught us, and her lessons were always very encouraging. BDE Jason and Heather. What a heartbreaking loss for our community. Truly a unique soul who affected so many people’s lives. Sheryl Gvili rescued my life and marriage.

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