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Remembering Multi-talented Greta Rana for Children’s Education

The famous and well-known writer and novelist Greta Rana lists her life. She wrote terrific tales for children’s education.

Who was Greta Rana?

Greta Rana (born 1943) is a writer and poet from Yorkshire, U.K., who has been in Nepal for nearly 50 years.

She has published six novels as well as five collections of poetry that she has written.

In 1991, she was named the joint winner of  Internationale Kurzprosa. In addition, she presented a paper on “Mondialism: The Future Looking Back” at the International PEN Congress in Vienna.

She is also the founder of PEN Nepal, where she served women.

This is not just enough to know about Greta Rana; she wanted to do something for the child’s education, for those whose families cannot afford the education fees for their children.

She has established the new Shakespeare wallahs for families collecting funds for the children’s education. 

This is how she has helped the family members let their children go to study.

What happened to Greta Rana?

She has lost her life, and the cause of death of Greta Rana is that she died due to a prolonged illness, whereas she was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 2005, which is recognized for her contributions and achievements in her field.

While the organization (the Center for International Integration) is a regional organization that works at the intersection of research and development in the eight Hindu Kush-Himalayan countries,

She has been known for her literary works, including notable works such as “Guests in This Country” and “A Place Beneath the Pipal Tree,” and her commitment to children’s education.

She established a theater through which the fund was collected for child education.

Nepal Britain Society to raise funds for children’s education to provide education to the poorest communities. She has gained popularity through her work and activities.

What was the entire career of Greta Rana? 

Greta Rana has a career as a writer and novelist. She has launched a geographical organization that works at the intersection of research and development in the eight Hindu Kush-Himalayan countries.

She worked on this unit, which had grown very much, and thus worked till the end of 2004.

She wanted to do something about the education of children.

She was a very good writer and the greatest novelist of all time, and her death hugely impacted the audience and her fans.

Everyone is sad at the news of her death, and they have been stating that her poetry and novels will be missed.

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