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Just who is Rod Laver’s ladylove? Acquaint Yourself with Susan Johnson

Rod Laver, a former tennis player from Australia, is considered to be one of the best players in the history of tennis played anywhere in the globe. With 198 singles championships to his name, Laver holds the record for the most in the history of the sport. Laver excelled at playing on all of the several types of courts that were available during his era, including grass, clay, hard, carpet, and wood. The seasoned player also has a number of other records in the annals of Tennis. He has won the Grand Slam tournament 11 times. In honour of Rod Laver, both the competition known as the Laver Cup and the venue known as the Rod Laver Arena bear his name. It was Laver who initiated the Open Era of tennis competition all around the world. Let’s take a peek at his personal life in addition to his professional endeavours.

Who is the Susan Johnson, Rod Laver’s Girlfriend?

The former tennis star Rod Laver is presently in a relationship with Susan Johnson, who is his current girlfriend. Susan was formerly married to F. Ross Johnson, a successful businessman who served as chairman of Nabisco. She was the primary carer for her husband during his illness with Alzheimer’s disease, which lasted for several years. Regarding Susan Johnson, not a lot of information is available.

Where and when did Rod Laver and Susan Johnson first cross paths?

Since the 1980s, Laver and Susan have known one other. In 2018, Johnson called Laver to demonstrate to her friends that she was familiar with Laver. This brought them together once more. This marked the beginning of a fresh era in their existence.

Laver had been a widower for some time after the passing of his wife. After that, he reconnected with his longtime friend Susan, which ushered in a period of new beginnings in his life.

Tennis great Rod Laver loses his partner in life - Los Angeles Times

Source: LA Times

Laver went into detail on his connection. During a conversation with The Sydney Morning Herald, the following was said:

“While Susan was chatting with a group of individuals, my name was brought up for some reason. Because a man didn’t think she knew me, she called me on the phone to prove it to him. It ended up being one of the best things that could have taken place to me at any time in my life. Since then, we have never been apart from one another.

Are There Any Children Born to Rod Laver and Susan Johnson?

Rod and Susan do not share any children together due to their relationship. On the other hand, Laver is a father thanks to his first marriage.

The (Late) Wife of Rod Laver

Before beginning his connection with Susan Johnson, Laver was married to his late wife, Mary Benson. Prior to that, he was in a relationship with Susan Johnson. In 1965, they had their first encounter with one another at the Jack Kramer Club located in Los Angeles. After a year had passed, the couples eventually tied the knot. The couple shared a life together for 46 years till she passed away in 2012. Together, the two of them raised a son whom they called Rick Laver.

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