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Former KOCO 5 News Anchor Tyler Suiters Dies.

Tyler Suiters, a famous American news anchor, died this week. The news was officially shared by his friend Jesse Hamilton on Facebook. 

What happened to Tyler Suiters?

Jesse, one of Tyler’s friends, shared pictures of him and Tyler and wrote a heartfelt saddening note.

He said he grieves the loss of a friend, co-worker, and journalist. Before reaching into the cause of Tyler’s death, here is a quick and short description of him.

Tyler Suiter’s death baffled the people around him, and so did his cause of death.

His disease is not very common, and its cause is still unknown. However, some very close people knew about the disease.

Since his death, many of the personalities from the industry and his friends have been paying his family condolences by tweeting and paying Tyler Suiters’ past soul a tribute in the same way.

The famous news reporter’s death is mourned by his fans, friends, and family. Everyone is praying for his soul to rest in peace.

How did Tyler die?

The reason for Tyler’s death later came out as a medical reason.

The facts were that Tyler Suiters had been suffering from a medical condition called ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, for the last 2 years.

This medical condition is a situation where the person suffering from it has a nervous system disease that weakens muscles. 

This disease leads to nervous system breakdown, due to which the brain and spinal cord can not function normally.

The entire process of functionality is disturbed. Muscle control strength is also lost.

The same happened with Tyler Suiters; unfortunately, he passed away this week, leaving behind his wife and daughter in grief.

Tyler Suiters’ death has been a shocker for everyone. The death was sudden breaking news for his friends and family.

He was quite famous in television, especially in the media and broadcasting industries.

He had great communications planning policies and was an experienced expert in the field. Thus, everybody was curious about what led to the reporter’s death.

Who was Tyler Suiters?

When he died, Tyler Suiters was a news reporter at KOCO 5 news channel.

Tyler had completed his graduation under the Arts stream, where he opted for journalism from the University of Washington.

Tyler had a vast experience in journalism broadcasting and strategic communications planning. 

In 2013 he worked with Edelman Worldwide as the vice president of international affairs.

Later he worked as CTA’s senior director. Tyler Suiters had been awarded the Murrow award.

In EnergyNow, Tyler had worked as chief correspondent and an anchor. He was married and had a daughter.

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